DIY: Thanksgiving Acorn Centerpiece

By Alison of The Alison Show

Acorns are one of fall’s perfect little understated details. I thought, why not make them larger than life and add some glitz? Can’t hurt, right? You can do this craft an easy way, or an even easier way. Or both!


With some tacky glue and glitter you have glam acorns, and for an even easier version of this craft you can simply paint your acorn with chalkboard spray paint. These acorns dress up your table nicely, and the chalkboard versions would also work well as place
cards or gift tags.

I liked the juxtaposition of the more synthetic glitter and chalkboard paint with the natural-looking yarn, but obviously you could do these in a wide variety of colors and combinations.

Keep reading for the full tutorial…



Papier-mâché eggs in different sizes (you can find these at most large craft stores
and they are very inexpensive)
Chunky brown yarn
Tacky glue and a paint brush
Chalkboard spray paint and chalk
A hot glue gun



1. Apply a thin coat of tacky glue to the bottom 3/4ths of your papier-mâché egg (for these purposes the widest part of the egg is the top of the acorn). For larger eggs do this in 3 sections.
2. Over a paper plate glitter your acorn until it is covered. Let your acorns dry upside down. I used an empty ice cube tray.
3. Now it’s time to add the top. Place a dab of hot glue near the top third of your egg. Leave a ¼” tail at the end of the yarn, and then glue the yarn in place. As you come back around to complete the circle around the egg, tuck this tail under the next layer.
4. Add your hot glue in lines around the egg, in 2” sections, working towards the top. Secure the yarn as you go so that no gaps of egg show. Continue wrapping the yarn around the egg until you reach the top and then finish wrapping with concentric circles.
5. Secure the top of the yarn in place with hot glue, and then cut the yarn leaving a 3” tail.
6. Tie a knot near the base of the yarn so it is snug against the top of the egg—that is now an acorn!
7. Glue the knot in place. Trim the yarn to your desired acorn top length.



1. Tape off the top fourth section of your egg with washi tape or painters tape.
2. Place the wide end of the egg in a paper cup. This way you can spray paint the egg without ruining your manicure.
3. Spray paint the egg with chalkboard paint. Let dry.
4. Repeat steps 3-7 of the glitter acorn to add the yarn top.
5. Let your child attack the acorn with chalk.

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