Hats Off Graduation Announcement Special Prize Winners

It’s already November, but designs these great can be appreciated all-year-round. Our Hats Off Graduation Announcement Challenge was all about creating fun, unusual, and memorable graduation announcements. It may have taken a few extra semesters of deliberation and anticipation, but we think that makes this graduating class of special prizes all the more well-deserved! Congratulations to the designers whose designs won in each of our categories below – we give you all straight As in amazing announcements!

Can’t Pick Just One Award for the best multi-photo design

Long Road” by Carrie ONeal

“Long Road” has both beautiful design and lots of photos. Carrie’s layered text is clean and unusual, but still lets the customer’s photos stand out. We love the concept – the photos from little girl to grad emphasize what a long road graduation is.

Runner Ups: “Now and Then” by lehan paper design | “Memory Lane” by The Social Type

Minibook™ Award for the best Minibook™ format design

Reflections” by Griffinbell Studio

Lynn never fails to create something truly beautiful! The minibook format gives you lots of opportunity to showcase photos and achievements, while Lynn’s beautiful white flourishes add a little something special. Her cayenne and khaki color palette keeps the design chic and modern.

Out of the Box Award for a design that is highly creative

Periodic Table” by Stacey Hill

How could something so elementary be so striking? Stacey definitely got creative with her “Periodic Table”! The periodic table format is such a unique way to showcase your grad’s accomplishments and highlights. We love how it can also give a sense of the grad’s interests and strengths.

Runner Up: “Graduation All-Stars” by VOSS

Wild Thing Award for the best edgy/outrageous design

Star Athlete” by emily elizabeth stationery

If designs could talk, this one would be screaming! Elizabeth’s big, bold text imparts so much excitement and confidence. This announcement would definitely capture your attention. Who could help but be excited for the energetic grad who chooses this design?

Runner Up:  “Terra Firma” by Susie Allen

Whimsy Award for the best fun or whimsical design

Cute as a Button” by 2BSquared Designs

Anita’s “Cute as a Button” is just that. Her sweet little buttons are an adorably unusual touch and her various textures and stripes work together so well. Her retro vibe somehow still feels so modern and playful for your little grad.

Runner Up: “2012 Layers” by robin ott design

Best design for an elementary or middle school graduation

three-up” by Up Up Creative

We love how Julie went back to basics for this design – big photos, bold text, and a whole lot of personality for an elementary or middle school grad. The varying colors and broken up blocks of text give the design movement and visual interest without detracting from those large photos. Julie proves that less really can be more!

Runner Up: “Washi Grad” by lehan paper design

Best design for a high school graduation

Diploma” by trbdesign

This diploma is probably much edgier and more modern than the real one! Taleen’s mixed type and distressed texture would appeal to any high school grad. We love her unique details like the very official seal and the casual paper-clipped photo.

Runner Up: “Grad Stats” by Kristen Smith

Best design for a college graduation

Graduating Classy” by Kimberly FitzSimons

Kimberly has a knack for classic cool. Her muted colors, clean stripe, and minimalist text are modern and sophisticated for a college grad. The large photo space is perfect for a big, beautiful portrait. This is one announcement that anybody would be proud to send out!

Runner Up: “Laurel” by Susie Allen

  1. Yolanda

    Really beautiful and cleverly designed cards. Congrats to all!