Joy to the World Special Prize Winners

We’re excited to continue our Joy to the World Holiday Card Challenge announcements with our special prize winners! Special prizes call attention to the best designs in specific categories. The winners below stand out among the more than 2,600 designs in a variety of categories. From humor to minimalism, specific design elements to overall vision, each winner speaks to a very different, unique theme. Congratulations, winners!

Vision Award for the most unique holiday card in the challenge that breaks new ground but still conveys the cheer and spirit of the holiday season

Merry Modern” by Sarah Curry

Sarah’s “Merry Modern” is a vision in neon! We love her very modern diagonal stripe and the unusual green overlay. The classic black text on a white background provides a perfect balance.

Runner Ups: “Red Abstract” by Moglea | “O Tannenbaum” by 2birdstone | “Trio” by Wondercloud Design | “Ombre Tidings” by Paper Dahlia

Minimalism Award for the best clean, simple holiday card
Editorial” by VOSS

“Editorial” definitely lives up to its title. The type is elegant and simple, but the look is entirely fresh. Sara proves that less really can be more with this very refined design.

Runner Ups (clockwise from top left): “Multi Tab” by HUNT GATHER | “Oxford” by Toast & Laurel | “Captions” by Kylie Holmes | “Ex Libris” by Jennifer Wick

Big Picture Award for the best full-bleed holiday photo card design
Warmest Wishes” by lehan paper design

As one of our most popular styles, it’s not easy to achieve a unique take on the full bleed photo card. Lehan made this feat look effortless. The white text lets the photo shine through, but the varied type gives so much visual interest to this design.

Runner Ups: “A New Noel” by Kristie Kern | “Light Feathers” by hobson studios | “Merry and Happy” by Paperful Press | “Cherished Noel” by Design Lotus

Can’t Pick Just One Award for the best design that incorporates 3 or more photos

Festive Joy” by Cecile Paper Lounge

You already know how we feel about “Festive Joy”! We love how Cecile has featured four large photos, elegantly tying them together with her festive seal. There’s something very charming about the combination of ornamental design elements with lots of room for customer personality.

Runner Ups (clockwise from top left): “Vintage Billboard” by Jody Wody | “Chalkboard Label” by Alethea and Ruth | “Bauhaus” by jackmove | “Camera Phone Collection” by Up Up Creative | “Chalkboard Quotes” by Jill Means

East Coast Couture Award for the most elegant, beautiful design
Joyful Season” by Oscar & Emma

“Joyful Season” is at once both formal and simple. We love the way Karly’s floral elements beautifully adorn a warm holiday message. This is elegant simplicity at its best.

Runner Ups: “Illuminated” by Jill Means | “Bright Elegance” by el Bandel | “Christmas Pinecone” by lehan paper design | “Joyful Wishes” by Gakemi Art+Design

Jumps off the Page Award for the card that would look best in a magazine advertisement – bold and highly visible, but extremely unusual and innovative too
Merry Snowflakes” by Alethea and Ruth

Rachel’s “Merry Snowflakes” really does seem to jump right off the page. From her bold hand-lettering and unique hatch-mark snowflakes to the lovely expanse of non-holiday pink, this is one design that you just can’t miss!

Runner Ups: “Merriest” by Palm Papers | “Be Merry Berries” by Angela Marzuki | “Love is in the Air” by Jess Taich

Christmas Card Award for the best design that is specifically ‘Merry Christmas’ or another Christmas-specific greeting, and not a generic/non-denominational holiday card

Santa is Coming” by Ana Sousa

We could stare at Ana’s illustrations for ages. Each one of her houses has so much personality and detail. Her sweet Santa Claus and magical little stars give some depth and movement to the design. This card is sure to put you in the holiday spirit!

Runner Ups: “Angels Sing” by Griffinbell Studio | “Keep Christmas with You” by Laura Condouris | “Sleigh Ride” by cadence paige design | “Reindeer in the Snow” by Four Wet Feet Design

Fresh Classic Award for the best design that is a fresh version of a classic

Merry Highlights” by The Social Type

Jessica and Allison can always find that sweet spot between classic clean and bold modern. We love the mixture of the classic Christmas song and contemporary block highlights. This is truly a fresh take on a classic holiday sentiment.

Runner Ups: “Light-Hearted Joy” by kelli hall | “Line & Dot” by Moglea | “Freshly Fallen” by Angela Marzuki | “Bold Noel” by Jana Volfova

Framed Award for the best holiday card that uses color, space, graphics or illustration to create a border around a single photo “Holiday Frame” by robin ott design

Robin’s “Holiday Frame” features a customer’s photo in a big way. We love the straight, classic frame in combination with a nod to the Washi trend. The casual text along the bottom completes the composition.

Runner Ups: “Merry Floral” by Paper and Parcel | “Painted Frame” by Ann Gardner | “Peppermint Crew” by Sydney Newsom | “Holiday Map Postcard” by Jill Means

Make Me Laugh Award for the funniest holiday card

Fleas Navidog” by Pistols

This card makes us laugh every time. Melissa’s “Fleas Navidog” greeting is so clever and unexpected! The retro typography, bold swatch of red, and cute little jumping flea all combine to make this the perfect card to feature your pup.

Runner Ups: “Fruitcake” by Susan | “Mommy and Daddy’s Wish” by Leslie Ann Jones | “Santa’s Behavior Check” by chocomocacino | “Come, They Told Me” by Kristie Kern | “Triangle Santa” by Tyler Tea

Baby’s First Holidays Award for the design that best uses a holiday card to announce thebirth of a new baby

Our First Noel” by Carrie ONeal

What a chic way to announce a new baby! We love the understated elegance of “Our First Noel.” Carrie’s stylized, minimal wreath adds subtle holiday charm, while her full-bleed photo allows the new little one to be center stage.

Runner Ups: “Joyeux Beginnings” by Design Lotus | “All We Want is Her” by Laura Condouris | “Best Gift Ever!” by Sook Lee | “Silent-less Nights” by Carolyn MacLaren

Non-Traditional Colors Award for the design that best uses fresh, non-traditional colors to celebrate the holidays

Peach Passion” by Jess Taich

Wow, what a statement card for non-traditional holiday! Jess’s peach overlay is decidedly modern and unusual for the holidays. Her whimsical hand-lettering is so friendly and casual – perfect for someone looking for something different.

Runner Ups: “Sunshine & Snow” by Susie Allen | “Merry Bright & Sparkly” by Laura Hankins | “Color Study” by Emily Ranneby | “Stamp Collection” by Tara Lilly Studio

Traditional Colors Award for the design that best uses traditional Christmas colors such as red & green or blue, silver & white

Winter Arbor” by Griffinbell Studio

Lynn’s illustrations are always so endearing and wonderfully detailed. Her snow-capped pinecones, playful holly, and busy pine brushes practically have us smelling that Christmas-tree smell. Her deep greens with small pops of red make for such a festive, elegant design.

Runner Ups (clockwise from top left): “Folk Merry Merry” by VOSS | “Just Believe” by GeekInk Design | “Absolute Joy” by Kristen Smith | “Deconstructed Cheers” by Aspacia Henspetter | “The Merriest” by guess what? | “Nutcracker Wonder” by b.wise papers

Newlyweds Award for the best holiday card design for a newly married couple

A Married Little Christmas” by Jennifer Postorino

We love Jennifer’s very crisp, clean “Married Little Christmas.” The sweet message shows personality and a bit of humor, without detracting at all from the newlyweds. Every detail is so thoughtful, from the beautifully placed text to the subtle “2012” block.

Runner Ups: “Married and Merry!” by VOSS | “Cool Couple” by Tyler Tea | “Mistletoe Kiss” by roxy | “Lighthearted Holiday” by Maddy Nye

Text with a Twist Award for the best design that uses curvilinear text to create unique shapes or unusual layouts

Candy Stripes” by Shari Margolin

You couldn’t help but smile if you received this design in the mail. Shari’s “Candy Stripes” is so playful – from the whimsical type to the candy cane elements to the angled photo, every detail exudes holiday cheer.

Runner Ups: “Tree Pattern” by Stacey Meacham | “Bold Banner” by annie clark | “Holiday Centerpiece” by Alethea and Ruth | “Introduced by the Angels” by Ana Sousa

Customer Favorite Award as rated by Minted customers

Dazzling” by Inkwell Design Studio

It’s no surprise that this design really resonated with our customers. Jessica’s “Dazzling” is just that. Her overlapping circles and stars add a touch of holiday magic to any photo. We love how the text fits perfectly over dazzling details to frame the photo in a lovely way.

Newbie Award for the best design by a first-time entrant

Merry Christmas Swirl Overlay Text” by Jenna Blazevich

We heart hand-lettering! Especially from a first-time entrant. Jenna’s flowing script feels playful yet elegant and fits perfectly within the card. We like the contrast between the cheerful words and the simple customizable bar along the top.

Runner Ups: “Retro Tidings” by Five Sparrows | “Big Joy” by Gaucho Designs | “Rainbow Wish” by double n design | “Simply Sweet” by Joni Lay

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