The Top 11-20th Joy to the World Holiday Winners

Today, I’m happy to announce the 11-20th ranked designs from our Joy to the World challenge. Every year, we see tremendous growth in the Minted community and this year in no exception! Looking through the designs below, it’s easy to see why they rated so highly among a staggering 2,700 submissions. It’s all in the details – the unusual layouts, exceptional illustrations, and unique ways to incorporate customer photos. My congratulations to the creative minds behind these beautiful designs!

11th Place: “Rustic Joy” by Hooray Creative

Kristy’s “Rustic Joy” is a perfect example of a card that achieves that tricky balance between beautifully constructed design elements and a large customer photo. We love her hand-drawn pine elements that are delicate enough to let your family photo stand out.

12th Place: “Festive Joy” by Cecile Paper Lounge

There’s always something a bit quirky and fantastic about Cecile’s designs. In “Festive Joy,” she has created a truly unusual multi-photo card like we’ve never seen before. The design allows for four large photos, while the beautifully festive seal at the center brings them all together in a cohesive way.

13th Place: “In a Pear Tree” by Griffinbell Studio

We can never get enough of Lynn’s stylized illustrations. Her varied leaves, rich pear, and sweet partridge really pop against the black background in a striking way. The unusual format and slant of her hand-written text gives the design such a personal feeling.

14th Place: “Snowflake of Joy” by Serenity Avenue

This is one card that would definitely stand out on the mantel. We could stare at the lovely intricacies of Ashley’s “JOY” all day. She balances out her ornamental lettering with clean lines and simple text on a very crisp white background.

15th Place: “Speckle Garland” by Gakemi Art+Design

Nam’s “Speckle Garland” is wonderfully simple. Her thin, clean text sends a warm message, without detracting at all from the customer’s full-bleed photo. What makes the design truly unique is her delicate star garland strewn across the top, adding a bit of holiday cheer to any photo.

16th Place: “Our First Noel” by Carrie ONeal

Carrie has certainly mastered “clean and simple.” There’s something about her stylized wreath and minimal text that make “Our First Noel” feel so warm. We adore cards that impart a holiday feeling in a subtle, understated way.

17th Place: “Mistletoe Kiss” by roxy

Roxy’s “Mistletoe Kiss” is at once both sweet and clever. The unusual photo orientation and shape make perfect sense when placed in the context of the card. We love how her hanging mistletoe blends design and photo in an almost cheeky way.

18th Place: “Woodland Noel” by kadie foppiano

Kadie has a knack for the adorable. Her illustrations are full of personality and whimsy; from the leaping animals adorned in holiday scarves to the ornaments hanging from letters and the woodsy Noel, every detail adds something very sweet to the overall design.

19th Place: “Blessed Joy” by Angela Marzuki

We love the concept behind “Blessed Joy.” Angela’s joyful mobile announces the recent arrival of your little holiday gift in such an unusual way. The softness of her details from her light text to her modern Christmas wreath creates a very serene design.

20th Place: “Overflowing Joy” by kelli hall

Kelli’s “Overflowing Joy” is both simple and stunning. Her flowing “Joy” sweeps across the page in an effortless, but decidedly unusual way. We love how the J divides the composition and pushes your eye towards the customer’s photo. The design is simply striking in its minimalism!

  1. Kim Dietrich Elam

    Congrats to all the winners here – wonderful work, Minties!

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    congrats!!! These are all so beautiful – some of my favorite designs from the whole challenge!!

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    cool, great designs. Congrats guys.

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    Congratulations everyone! Some of these were my top favorites.

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    Gorgeous! Great work, everyone!

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    Wow, huge congrats on these amazing designs! Congrats Minties!

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    Hourra Minties ! Bravo to all !

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    Congrats everyone- such beautiful work!!

  10. Another amazing round of creativity! Brilliant work minties!

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    Congrats everyone – what a gorgeous assortment of designs!

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    Congrats to everyone! How exciting!

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    absolutely gorgeous! all well deserved – congrats ladies!

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    BEAUTIFUL stuff! Once again, it’s great to see so much variety!

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    Congrats everyone! Gorgeous and unique designs!

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    YAY!! Congrats, everyone!!! Such beautiful designs – so well deserved!!!