Northwest Mintie Meet Up

This summer, the lovely Brandy Brown of Marabou hosted our first-ever home meet-up! She went all out to make the event beautiful, relaxing, and oh so much fun. Mariam, our founder and CEO, and Brady, our VP of Product Marketing, both headed to Brandy’s home for some sweet treats and great company.

All photos courtesy of Brandy Brown – thanks, Brandy!

Brandy had a gorgeous spread – can you get over this incredible custom cake? I think it’s safe to say that this may be the first edible Skinny-Wrap label ever created.

A beautiful spot to get together and talk design.

On the end, you can see Kelli Hall’sHighway Wildflowers” print fitting perfectly into Brandy’s collection.

We love getting to know all the Minties online, but it’s so nice to get together in person too. Mariam, Brady, Brandy, and Melissa of Pistols enjoy a cozy chat.

Every detail was just right. From the printed samples to the Minted green M&Ms! Here you can see Sydney Newsom’sBebe Chic” and Carrie ONeal’sTwisted Peppermint.”

Clearly a good time was had by all! Brandy, thank you so much for your hard work and for offering up your beautiful home. Check out Brandy’s post and more about her work on her Marabou Design Blog.

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