Thank You Minties

Being obsessed with great design and beautiful paper, you’d think the biggest perk of my job here at Minted would be my ever expanding stationery collection. It is quite lovely. However, the very best part of my job is getting to correspond with the immensely talented designers who comprise the Minted Community. In December when you’d think holiday cards would be old news to us, Jen and I were positively giddy to open all of the fun cards and thoughtful treats that came our way. Thank you so much for thinking of Minted this holiday season!

Amy Ehmann of Design Lotus created this design for us during our first ever Minted t-shirt challenge in Spring of 2010. She used bits and pieces from winning Minted designs to create the heart. We were so excited to receive letterpress prints from Amy for everyone on the team this year and even more impressed when we heard Meg Gleason of Moglea printed them herself at her letterpress in Iowa. You can see some fun behind the scenes photos on Meg’s blog.

I did a bit of decorating with designer cards at my apartment. They were by far the most unique cards I received this year and look beautiful all together. I may never take them down.

Kelli Hall sent us this folded version of her “Statement Wreath” holiday card, doubling as a birth announcement. Inside is an adorable photo of her family’s newest addition. Jack Knoebber of jackmove sent us a non-photo version of “Etched,” Jenna Lyons’ favorite holiday card of the season. We were delighted to open a small box from Megan Davis of toast & laurel to find a sweet muslin bag with her perfectly Texan holiday card. She also included this sparkly jingle bell.

Hailey Myziuk of Hello Hailey sent us her “Good Tidings” holiday card with a photo of Mucha, her cat. His whiskers are adorable! We love Wendy Fessler’s rounded corner card and the fantastic photo of her daughters. On the back she included some great shots from a trip to San Francisco and a lovely note. We were big fans of her Wolverine stamp on the matching red envelope.

Liz Libré of Linda and Harriett sent us her “Handlettered Merry Christmas” with hand drawn Christmas trees and stars as accents. This card looks great in yellow and we really appreciate the personalized touch. Cécile Kotsch of Cécile Paper Lounge sent us a beautiful photo card that was similar to her “Magie de Noel” design in a captivating purple. Her very cute little one matches perfectly.

Emily Ranneby knows us far too well. The way to our hearts is truly through our stomachs and we could not get enough of the Swedish chocolates she sent our way. They were so yummy and we loved the type driven packaging design. These were the perfect complement to her scripty holiday cards.

Thank you so much Minties! We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  1. brandy

    Thanks for posting Alison! I love seeing all of the holiday delights. I didn’t get around to sending out holiday cards this year. My family & I moved back West during the height of the holiday season, but I did manage to purchase fabulous moving announcements created by Float Paperie & titled our skinny wraps “Season’s Greetings!”. I hope all of you at the Minted team & minties around the globe had a wonderful holiday & happy New Year! xo Brandy (Marabou Design)

  2. Hailey M

    what an awesome collection Alison! So fun to see 🙂 Mucha is indeed flattered to be on your mantle!!

  3. Cecile

    Thank you Alison ! It is so cool to see the cards from all over the world arrived to your place ! such a fun post! And Amy s heart is fabulous! Going to visit Moglea s blog to see the behind the scene post!

  4. wendy

    thanks Alison – Your mantle looks very cheery! I am incredibly flattered to have my card among such terrific designs. I was smiling about it all day yesterday. (The girls got a big kick from seeing their picture up too!) 🙂

  5. Alison

    Hi Hannah! We didn’t. I would’ve definitely posted it if we had. I loved seeing your design in the forum. Your children’s artwork is amazing!

  6. Oh, that stinks, I sent it to the office. Hmmm. . . next time I’ll double check the address. 🙂

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