Minted Goes to Alt

Minted is so happy to be a sponsor of the Alt. conference this year. Mariam asked the creative team to come up with a unique and seriously cute take away to be included in the gift bags for the attendants. We decided on a mini gallery kit, the perfect introduction to Minted’s new art prints. We hand stamped 550 muslin bags, included a collection of 3 art prints, and added mini clothes pins and twine so that people could create their own displays.

It was a lot of fun to see our lovely art prints in person and we couldn’t resist coming up with a few more creative options to display the pieces:

  1. Hailey M

    SOOO cool!! Wish I could go – if even just to get that awesome take-away!!

  2. Maria Estigoy

    Can you send me one? Please? Haha. You guys know how to market, brand, and overall step it up in the creative community.

  3. Yolanda

    Awesome video and take away! The music is so much fun too!

  4. Meg G.

    Are those Annie’s hands? Love the sweet Eray work in the chunky frame. Have fun at Alt, Minted!

  5. annie

    those are my hands – was the red/orange nail polish a giveaway? 🙂

  6. Yolanda

    I must add… beautiful manicure 😀

  7. Meg G.

    ha! Exactly! I will never tire of that color. Does Mariam still wear it too?

  8. Cecile

    Wish you lots of fun and success at Alt ! Great orange nail polish :)) Love it too!

  9. Jen Wick

    Great video, Minted!! Please do a recap so we can see what we missed at Alt : )

  10. carly

    yay!! what a great video!!

  11. jules

    love the thoughtful details that went into this kit 🙂

  12. Katie Dirksen

    SO cute! I want one 😉

  13. tammie

    i was lucky enough to be at alt and get one of these in my gift bag! it was one of my favorites! so cute and clever. it’s going up in my studio today! thank you so much for putting all that hard work into it – totally worth it!