Head Over Heels 11-20th Place Winners!

For many couples all over the world, it’s not just the holiday season, it’s engagement season. While romantic proposals are being planned for Christmas and New Years, Minted is gearing up for an incredible 2012 wedding season.

Having worked in the wedding industry for a while now, I can honestly say I have never seen a more stunning collection of wedding designs as the winners in the Head Over Heels challenge. Five years ago, it was quite rare to have couples ask for modern or playful designs.  Now, couples are moving away from traditional invites towards unique designs that fit their unique personalities. The members of the Minted Design Community clearly recognize this. Everyone here at Minted was blown away by the diversity in the 1,639 submissions we received in the Head Over Heels Wedding Invitation Challenge. I feel honored to present you with the first half of our top 20, as voted by the Community. Congratulations, Minties! These designs can already be purchased by sending a special request to service [at] minted.com.

11th Place: “Modern Label” by Kristen Smith

There are so many sweet accents in Kristen’s “Modern Label” that add to the perfectly balanced composition of the design. From the dots and stripes to the pattern background and modern type treatment, we’re in love with every detail.

12th Place: “fiesta folk art” by root beer float

Scalloped edges and bold type add tons of charm to this festive papel picado inspired wedding invitation by Root Beer Float. We’re crazy about the bright green textured background and geometric patterns mixed in with the florals.

13th Place: “poppies & peonies” by Jennifer Wick

Jen’s florals in rich plums and mossy greens add a subtle hint of romance to this playful design. The variation in type between Archer and Futura for the couple’s names perfectly anchors the whimsical bouquet.

14th Place: “Vintage Retro Type” by lehan paper design

Lehan’s “Vintage Retro Type” proves that typography can be beautiful and sophisticated. Her alternating, stacked fonts lead your eye down as you read the invitation while also allowing you to focus on the details of her composition. We love how fun and playful this retro invitation is.

15th Place: “Meadow” by The Occasional Hello

In “Meadow,” Sandy is able to evoke such a rustic, charming feeling with so few design elements. All her details from the personal carvings on wood and the autumnal leaves and berries to the imperfect, casual border give the design character in such a simple way.

16th Place: “Simple Floral” by Alethea and Ruth

Rachel gives wedding florals a modern twist in this grey, tan, and white design. We love the detail in her intricate floral illustrations; the mixture of curvilinear petals and stylized dots give “Simple Floral” energy without making it seem busy.

17th Place: “Tandem” by Hello Hailey

Is there anything more romantically adorable than a tandem bike? Hailey’s slightly weathered texture gives her bike and banner a certain charm. The clean Archer type in a light grey allows all the attention to be on the bike and the couple’s names.

18th Place: “Love Story” by cadence paige design

Paige’s “Love Story” is so nostalgic and playful. We love the way she carefully pulls her fonts together to create a cohesive typographic design. The real romance of her design, though, is in the buntings made up of pages from classic love stories.

19th Place: “Twine” by Palm Papers

We love a good bold, typographic design and Lauren always seems to have a knack for it. We love the way she effortlessly combines her bold Matchbook font with the Burgues script. From the subtle suggestion of twine to the stacked fonts, Lauren’s design strikes the balance between classically simple and boldly modern.

20th Place: “Sweet Stripe” by Kristie Kern

Kristie mixes stripes and florals in a subtle, sophisticated way. Her colorful but soft oranges, blues, and greys complement her delicate flowers and seal, giving “Sweet Stripe” an overall feeling of understated elegance.

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