Out of the Box Gift Tag Challenge Special Prize Winners

At Minted, we’re all about the cherry-on-top mentality. Every detail counts and every part of your holidays should be exceptional, right down to the gift tag. That’s why we asked you, our design community, to design beautiful, personalizable gift tags to be the cherry on top of all our customer’s gifts this year. We love how creative all our designers were and can’t wait to see these gift tags around the office and under lots of trees this year! See our incredible special prize winners below. Congratulations to our wintry winners!

Best design that incorporates a customer photo:

Bold Gallery” by Precious Bugarin Design

Precious has perfected the art of clean and simple. “Bold Gallery” would stand out attached to any gift. The bold splash of red gives the gift tag an effortless holiday feeling.  The “FROM US” layered over the photo is such a clever way to customize a gift tag while keeping it modern and unique. The customer’s photo fits perfectly into the design.

Runner Ups (clockwise from top left): “First Christmas” by Susan Asbill | “Big Hello” by Susie Allen | “Christmas Wreath” by Amber Barkley | “Winter Branches” by b.wise papers | “Carolina” by Kimberly Nicole | “Mini Polaroid” by VOSS

Out of the Box Award for a design that is highly creative:

Trees and More Trees” by Sharon Rowan

This challenge was all about thinking outside the box and Sharon did just that. “Trees and More Tress” is new and unusual, while still staying lovely and clean. Sharon creates an expected, modern pattern using the classic imagery of holiday trees.  Her alternating patterns and colors combine so perfectly add a bit of energy and pop.

Runner Ups (clockwise from top left): “Greetings from the North Pole” by Katie Dirksen | “Clever Clues” by Melanie Severin | “Vintage Subway” by Please Reply Designs | “The Belle Jar” by Maddy Nye | “Rudolph” by Ann Gardner | “Awesomeness Inside” by GeekInk Design

Whimsy Award for the best fun or whimsical design:

Holiday Letters” by Katherine Moynagh

Katherine’s “Holiday Letters” fits the bill exactly for this one. Her quirky letters in layered blocks almost seem to be dancing or jumping up and down on the front of this gift tag. The collage feel makes this design seem so friendly and homemade while the perfect execution and soft, coordinated colors make it polished.

Runner Ups (clockwise from top left): “Sweet Snowman” by Jenifer Martino | “Awesomeness Inside” by GeekInk Design | “Reindeer Express” by Kimberly Nicole | “Open Me!” by Cecile Paper Lounge | “No Peeking” by Christiana Hudson | “Red Paw” by Pink Hippo Prints

Best design for a child’s gift tag:

Polar” by Heather Francisco

We absolutely love Heather’s “Polar” gift tag. The leaping, stylized polar bear is adorable. From the energy in the red scarf blowing behind him to the softness of his sweet smile, this polar bear would appeal to any child. Paired with a fun, informal Bebas font and a soft color palette of muted blues and grays, Heather’s design is full of holiday cheer, but also sophisticated and soft.

Runner Ups (clockwise from top left): “Reindeer Surprise” by Kristen Smith | “Greetings from the North Pole” by Katie Dirksen | “Peeking Elf” by The Social Type | “Santa is Coming to Town” by Please Reply Designs | “Petite Otarie” by Cecile Paper Lounge

Best design for a man’s gift tag:

Chevron” by Linda and Harriett

Liz’s “Chevron” is a man’s (or really anyone’s!) perfect gift tag. We love that she used a non-traditional color palette for a holiday gift tag. This is one that works all year round for holidays, birthdays, or any king of gift. The boldness of her hand-drawn, ink chevron gives so much strength and energy to the design. Liz proves that a simple concept done exceptionally well can create an outstanding design.

Runner Ups (clockwise from left): “Swiss Alps 1978” by toast & laurel | “Joyful Wishes” by Gakemi Art + Design | “Modern Elegance” by Gakemi Art + Design | “Merry Label” by Sarah Brown

Best design for a corporate gift tag:

Crack the Bubbly” by Stacey Meacham

Get those office gifts ready! Stacey’s “Crack the Bubbly” would be the perfect gift tag for office gifts or to accompany a nice, hefty, end of the year bonus of course. Her textured circles cluster so well together and provide a nice contrast to the perfectly square gift tag. We love that those modern circles could be interpreted as confetti or as champagne bubbles—either way we like it!

Runner Ups (clockwise from left): “Christmas Wreath” by Amber Barkley | “Pricket” by marabou design | “Evergreens & Berries” by Aspacia Henspetter | “Peaceful Tidings” by guess what?

Best over the top pretty design:

Xin Nian Kuai Le” by Cecile Paper Lounge

Cecile has done it again with her “xin nian kuai le” Chinese New Year’s gift tag. Her subtle, intricate background pattern gives the design a certain depth and visual interest without overpowering her other elements. It’s the gorgeous, rich colors and the delicate florals that really make this design so over-the-top pretty.

Runner Ups (clockwise from left): “Weathered Berries” by Yolanda Mariak Chendak | “Evergreens & Berries” by Aspacia Henspetter | “Ivy Bright” by Griffinbell Studio | “With Love from Angels” by Tereza Sasinkova Lukasova | “Decorous Joy” by Design Lotus

Best classic with a twist design:

Script & Stripes” by Palm Papers

“Script & Stripes” marries classic language and simplicity with modern execution and color. We love Lauren’s off-center script “cheers” splashed across the front of this card. The rough edges perfectly soften the bold stripes along the back. The deep purple and white are so elegant together and they really provide that extra twist to a classic holiday gift tag.

Runner Ups (clockwise from top left): “Rustic Hanukkah Greeting” by jenincmyk | “Decorous Joy” by Design Lotus | “Peaceful Tidings” by guess what?| “Modern Elegance” by Gakemi Art + Design | “Snowflake Chic” by Kylie Holmes | “Bells for the Holidays” by Phoebe Wong-Oliveros

Best Christmas design:

From the North Pole” by nocciola design

“From the North Pole” really puts us in the Christmas spirit! Jessica is so thoughtful of every detail. The light, heathered background gives the design a bit of texture.  The charming white sleigh steals the show with its shadowed gifts and curled ends. The delicate, sparingly-used stars, circles, and snowflakes add so much to the feeling of holiday magic.

Runner Ups (clockwise from top left): “North Pole Certified” by b.wise papers | “Santa is Coming to Town” by Please Reply Designs | “Joyeux Mistletoe” by Studio Blixa 6 | “North Pole Approved” by Kristen Smith

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