Minted Holiday Cards + West Elm Accessories.

When your friends’ beautiful holiday cards start arriving at your home, how do you artfully display them? Everyone we know is seeking a solution, and we set out to provide one.

We asked the designers on our team how they would display holiday cards in their own homes. We were obsessed with the gorgeous ornaments and accessories in West Elm’s catalog this year (particularly the mercury glass votives that reminded us of our holiday advertising shoot at blogger SFGirlByBay’s house), so we asked West Elm to provide accessories to us for this post. They kindly agreed!

MODERN CRAFT BOARD: Inspired by West Elm’s Merry + Bright Collection.

This display conveys festivity and warmth, and is great for displaying many cards. It is cheerful and crafty and is perfect for offices, dens, great rooms, kitchens, and foyers. Best of all, it fits virtually anywhere, no matter how small the space. You can also make a statement by displaying a series of these modern craft boards—each focused on a different theme or color.

THE DISPLAY: The cards are pinned to the board with circle pins. All of the felt snowflake and Christmas tree ornaments that give the board dimension and texture are from West Elm.

THE CARDS: Use the envelopes and liners of holiday cards to create a ‘mat’ around each card. Minted’s kraft envelopes and patterned envelope liners add visual interest and a ‘craft’ feel.

TIPS TO Do It Yourself:

• The linen pinboard is modeled after one available at Pottery Barn. In this case, our styling team used spray adhesive to cover an extra thick piece of foam board with linen. The excess was wrapped neatly around the back and secured with strong tape.

• The pins are Tim Holtz Ideology Memo Pins and were found in the craft section at Aaron Brothers Art Supply.

SILVER FROST GREETING TREE: Inspired by West Elm’s Shimmer + Shine Collection.

We love how this unexpected arrangement provides the perfect canvas to display your holiday cards. Perfect for tabletops, foyers, holiday sidebars and coffee tables, it artfully turns everyday objects into a real focal point.


Branches covered with glitter are arranged in a glass vase. The overall footprint is framed with a lacquer tray, and mercury votives and felt snowflake ornaments are added to complete the montage (thicker branches and all accessories available at West Elm).


Cards with simple typography and classic colors, such as big & merry, noel stardust, and cheers happy new year’s card designs, are great because they really stand out when displayed.

TIPS TO Do It Yourself:

• Affix your holiday cards to the tree using miniature wooden clothespins for a chic rustic look (the clothespins are available at Michael’s).

• This montage works because everything is united by a silver color, and the whole display is itself contained within a beautiful tray.

• When adding additional elements to complete the display, like votives, keep in mind that odd numbers work best when adding accessories to your display.

• Don’t overdo it; in this size arrangement, just a few ornaments create a perfect finishing touch.

SHIMMER AND SHINE: Inspired by West Elm’s Shimmer + Shine Collection.

A mirrored surface, combined with shimmery ornaments and garlands, presents a rich, festive backdrop for holiday cards.


We draped reflective garland across the mirror and used round clips to attach the cards to the garland. The mirrored garland, glitter snowflake ornament, and mercury votive holders are all from West Elm.


Cards printed on Minted’s Pearlescent paper reflect the light of the season and are perfect for this shimmery display.

TIPS TO Do It Yourself:

-Use a light wire to gather the garland and strong tape to attach it to the back of the mirror. Then round silver clips attach the cards to the garland.

-Don’t worry about overlapping cards—it gives a great, layered result.

-If possible, display the mirror or tray in front of a similar color or texture.

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