The Dance of the Minted Holiday Cards

This holiday season has been full of interesting creative projects at Minted. One that I have enjoyed most is our new stop motion video, “Dance of the Minted Holiday Cards.”

I have wanted for a while to make a video that captures the creativity and spirit of Minted’s employees and design community, and was interested in exploring stop-motion video.  Plus, I have a strong passion for music and want to explore how to integrate it into our brand.  My friend and creative collaborator Suzanne Shade describes how the video’s concept evolved:

“We wanted a few videos for the holidays and talked about different ways to show off Minted. This video originally started off as a stop motion ‘description’ of the card formats and suites. After seeing some early roughs, we realized that our filmmakers, Matt and Julie from Tiger in a Jar, could bring more of their talents to the piece. We asked them to make it something they’d do for themselves, and the result was this fun story about the secret lives of the cards on Christmas Eve. I think the fun part was seeing how collaborating could bring a new twist on the spirit of Minted.”

Hope you enjoy this, and let me know what you think!  All of the holiday cards featured in the video are buyable here.  Our 10% off promotion ends on Monday, so be sure to take advantage of this before it ends.

  1. Cecile

    Fantastic !! And so fun!

  2. gerrie@chocomocacino

    love it! fun!

  3. hehe so fun to see those beautiful designs brought to life!

  4. Kim Dietrich Elam

    what a fun idea!

  5. Jessica Y

    So fun! Love the music too.

  6. alston

    so fun! love it

  7. Megan (toast & laurel)

    Adorable concept and video! I really enjoyed watching this 🙂

  8. Sandy (The Occasional Hello)

    oh what fun 🙂

  9. Sarah L

    pretty! who is the artist singing the song? I love it!

  10. Susan Asbill

    This is great!

  11. Jen Wick

    That was so much fun to watch and the music was perfect! More please!

  12. Nam

    Thank you Minted for bringing the spirit of the holidays in this fun and creative video. This Christmas tune is my favourite of all.

  13. Maria

    Now I’m ready for the holidays. Such a fun, cute, and creative video.

  14. That made me smile. Such a unique way to get the word out about Minted’s lovely products!

  15. heh heh. i like it when the cards do a little jumpy dance right before someone comes downstairs.

  16. lori (guess what?)

    That was FUN! I feel all Christmas-y now! Oh and great song choice – LOVE KT Tunstall – one of my all time fav artists! 🙂

  17. Melanie Severin

    How cool is that?!?! Love it!!!

  18. Lehan

    Too cute!! Just sang along with the song for my daughter … 3 times! :o)

  19. zhing

    how cute! 🙂

  20. Yolanda

    So AWESOME… wonderfully directed and a very cool song!

  21. wanksay

    Very fun! Love your cards and am excited to create for Christmas!