Typography Business Card Special Prize Winners

The Minted Community really got down to business on this one. We asked you to reinvent the business card and you certainly lived up to the task! In this challenge, we emphasized using creativity in typography. Looking through the submissions, you can see just how much typography can really say about not only your profession or hobbies, but even your personality. We awarded five special prizes in this challenge—see our wonderful winners and runner ups below:

Best design for a guy

“Architectural lines” by Susan Asbill

What guy wouldn’t love this design? We really dig Susan’s abstract line drawing of buildings, perfect for an architect or any urban dweller. The grey and yellow color palette feels mature and modern all at the same time.

Runner Ups (from left): “Type Strype” by jackmove | “Bona Fide” by Ann Gardner | “Blocks” by nocciola design

Best mommy calling card design

“Call Me Al” by Jennifer Wick

Jen certainly has a knack for typography and spares no detail in the adorable “Call Me Al” mommy card. We love the interplay between the bold slab serif, script, and sans serif fonts. The bright colors and humorous copy add tons of charm to this design.

Runner Ups: “Chic Alphabet” by Cheer Up Cherup | “Mina Beleza” by chocomocacino | “Playful” by Stacy Splonski

Best simple design

“Wrap Around” by Ana Gonzalez

We love the monogram and modern wrap around color blocks on the left side of this simple business card. We’re especially crazy about Ana’s use of white space to frame the well spaced information text.

Runner Ups: “Antique Copperplate” by Keiko K. | “Smouldering” by Believe Notes | “Crisp Color” by hi-lighter inc.

Best design that incorporates a photo

“Photogenic” by Betta

The grey Helvetica Neue in “Photogenic” perfectly complements the full bleed photo. We love Betta’s use of varying type weights and casing throughout the card.

Best over-the-top pretty design

“Floral Fiesta” by Rose Eckford

We adore the way the retro floral pattern dances across the card in Rose’s “Floral Fiesta.” This beyond pretty design truly lives up to its lively name. The bright coral and pink adds a sweet, feminine charm while the yellow really pops.

Runner Ups: “Ladylike” by 2birdstone |  “Macarooni” by Design Lotus | “Darlington” by Irma Suzanna

Well done, winners–congratulations!

  1. Kim Dietrich Elam

    Yes – great picks! Congrats to all the winners!

  2. lori

    Congratulations, everyone! Wonderful picks! And congrats to the runner ups, too! Great job! 🙂

  3. Melanie Severin

    Congrats everyone – there is so much creativity in these picks, really great work!!!

  4. Hailey

    Congrats to all the winners!! These are all so out-of-the box!!

  5. Ana

    I am beyond in shock and ecstatic that my card made it. I am always sooo close. So cool to see it become a reality. And then, to see the quality of everyones’s work, totally humbled!!! amazing stuff, great job everyone!!!

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