Sending Good Cheer 11th-20th Place Winners!

Hi everyone,

We’ve all been going holiday-crazy for months now and we know the Minted design community has been too. For all you designers who donned holiday sweaters in May and who celebrated Christmas in July (and August and September), the wait is over! This challenge blew us away—over 2,200 strong submissions, 3,000 voters, and nearly 450,000 votes later, an announcement of the incredibly talented 11th-20th place winners. To properly celebrate these gorgeous designs, we are announcing the 11th-20th place winners today. We will follow with our announcement of the 1st-10th place winners tomorrow, including a commentary about our voting process.

We would like to say one thing to all designers who participated: we thank you for participating in the Minted holiday card design challenge, and we and other Minted designers are here to continue to enable your creativity, growth, and careers. We have seen immense growth among designers within a matter of months; please believe us that if you didn’t place in the top 20 in this challenge, you shouldn’t give up – your place in the limelight is coming soon.

And now… Congratulations to the creators of these designs, which have been lauded as some of the best by consumers and designers alike:

11th Place: “Merry Everything Bright” by Laura Hankins

Each and every detailed letter in the vibrant greeting that dances across the top of “Merry Everything Bright” is unique and positively perfect. We especially love the wreath hanging from the “G.”  This was the top-ranked multiple-photo card in the entire challenge.

12th Place: “Notch” by Toast and Laurel

Toast and Laurel does clean and classic like nobody’s business. “Notch” is no exception to the rule. The clean white background and crisp red type adds the lovely finishing touches to the adorable notched photo frame for which the design is named.

13th Place: “Handlettered Merry Christmas” by Linda and Harriett

Linda and Harriett has an amazing scripty style that pops perfectly against the full bleed photo in “Handlettered Merry Christmas.” The uppercase type below adds just the right amount of contrast.

14th Place: “Festoon” by marabou design

The delicate details in “Festoon” create a graceful and festive effect. From the beautifully illustrated wreath to the featherweight type, we love the classic beauty of the design.

15th Place: “Modern Headline” by Jody Wody

A big bold “Peace” and the delicate script below it come together sublimely to make a statement of holiday cheer. We love the fun color palette balanced with strength of typography, which have created a classic with a twist.

16th Place: “Arbor Peace” by Melanie Severin

It is difficult to create a multi-photo card and “Arbor Peace” does it with style and grace. We adore the leafy tree that forms the “A” in “Peace” and the lovely greens and greys throughout the design.

17th Place: “Be Light” by Melanie Severin

We have another hit by relative newbie Mintie, Melanie Severin. “Be Light” is a fun and whimsical design with perfect little details like the tiny hearts and diagonal striped pattern. We’re crazy about the way everything came together.

18th Place:“Joy to the World” by Jennifer Wick

The curly-q ends of Jen’s incredible hand drawn type and the clean block that the text creates are the perfect complements to the joyous greeting and clean white background of this super special design.

19th Place: “Big and Merry” by Carrie ONeal

“Big and Merry” is just what this design is. Large bold type anchors the full bleed photo, stretching perfectly from one side of the card to the next. A sweet little heart accents the signature, adding warmth to a magnificently clean design.

20th Place: “Peace is Cool” by Susie Allen

A fantastic illustration of the big round world and an awesome use of pattern and texture create such a wonderful feeling of happiness and excitement, accented gloriously with the addition of family photos. The superb typography in the peaceful and energetic banners at top and bottom make this design a standout for sure.

We are excited to tell you more tomorrow!

  1. annie

    such gorgeous and well-deserving designs! a huge congrats to all your uber talented ladies!

  2. Maria

    Congrats ladies! I can’t wait for the rest to be revealed. I’m definitely going to have a difficult time choosing a card for this year.

  3. Hailey

    So well-deserved. Each of these designs is really unique and thoughtful!! Big, big congrats!!

  4. Alana

    Amazing array of designs, they are all so unique! Congrats to all the winners!

  5. Jessica Y

    Wonderful designs! Each one so unique as Hailey said. Congrats. to the winners!

  6. Kim Dietrich Elam

    Wonderful designs. Congrats, Minties!

  7. Abby

    Simply AMAZING! Congratulations – I am in AWE of all these designs!

  8. Melanie Severin

    Wow – I am elated to be amongst the company of these other amazing designers and their work – congrats everyone!!!

  9. Rose

    Great group of selections!! Congrats to all of the winners!

  10. Ooh exciting get a sneak peek of the winners! Congratulations to you all!

  11. Yippee! Congratulations everyone! Such great designs, and I love how different in theme, palette, and layout they all are. Big ups, y’all!

  12. Susie

    Wow! Just wow. I’m so inspired by all this beautiful work, and amazed and honored to find my design on this list. (!!!) Congratulations to everyone!

  13. Laura

    Beyond excited to find one of my designs in the mix with all of these awesome cards! Yay- congrats everyone 🙂 !

  14. Cecile

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful designs ! Bravo to all !!!

  15. Jen Wick

    Wow wow wow!! What an excellent display of Minted’s talent! I’m thrilled to be included in this challenge and I can’t wait to see the top 10!

  16. Sydney Newsom

    LOVE all of these! I can’t wait to see them alongside all their backer and envelope-liner glory!!

  17. Carrie O'Neal

    WOW! What a surprise to be included with such talented designers!!! You ladies ROCK!

  18. Meg G.

    Wow! Congrats everybody!! I love that there is a definite mix here, like Jody said. There are some truly inspiring designs here. I’m excited to see the top ten!

  19. Ashley

    What a lovely array of work! Congrats ladies!

  20. Congrats, everyone!! Such a lovely group here!

  21. brandy

    hooray! one away from my favorite number 15. I’ll take 14th place! Thank you! Congratulations to all participating minties! xo

  22. lori

    Congratulations, everyone! Really fabulous work!!! 🙂

  23. gerrie@chocomocacino

    congratz everyone… way to go!! awesome designs!

  24. Yolanda

    Congratulations to everyone!

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