Introducing: New Minted Mentors!

This is a very exciting time of the year for Minted. With the launch of the 2011 Minted holiday assortment fast approaching and a huge wedding design challenge on the horizon, we thought this was an excellent point to select three additional Minted designers to join Amy Ehmann of Design Lotus and Sydney Newsom as Minted Mentors! It is my great pleasure to announce that Ann Gardner, Hailey Myziuk of Hello Hailey and Jennifer Wick will be joining the Mentor team. We feel very lucky to have these inspiring ladies as part of the community and feel their shift into officially guiding, engaging and informing their fellow Minties is a completely natural one. In the weeks and months that follow, our community has a lot to look forward to. The Minted Mentors will be kicking off fun, interesting and informative threads in the Forum, connecting designers with the resources they need to participate in design challenges and making sure that Minted receives the feedback we need to constantly improve the community and customer experience. Newbies take note; these are the ladies you want to chat with.

Ann Gardner was Minted in February of 2010. Not only does she have a ton of well-deserved wins under her belt, including three first place prizes, Ann has also been extremely active in the challenges by voting and commenting on her fellow Minties’ designs. Ann doesn’t just create incredible paper creations either; she’s also a formally trained pastry chef. You can see some of her gorgeous edible creations and learn more about this Minted Mentor here.

Hailey Myziuk of Hello Hailey was Minted in March of 2010. It’s been wonderful to see Hailey’s warmth and personality shine through so many of her winning designs. Her bubbly personality also comes through while she’s actively commenting on submissions and threads in the Forum. When Hailey isn’t creating beautiful designs for Minted, she freelance designs for some amazing causes and created illustrations for an adorable children’s book called ‘Daddy Can You.’ See more of Hailey’s work and learn more about her here.

Jennifer Wick was Minted in September of 2010. Happy first anniversary of being a Mintie Jen! We’re so pleased to have Jen as part of the Mentor team as her enthusiasm and energy are contagious. Her big wins in a variety of categories, coupled with the thoughtful comments she leaves on design submissions and in threads in the forum have made her such an asset to the community. Find out more about Jen and her budding design business here.

  1. Kim Dietrich Elam

    Congrats, ladies, on your new status as mentors!

  2. Kimberly a Morgan

    How super! What fabulous choices!

  3. Yolanda

    Congratulations ladies… couldn’t think of a better crew to head-up the “Minted Mentors”!

  4. Amy E.

    Welcome Aboard Ladies!!!

  5. Laura

    Such great selections- congrats, ladies!! 🙂

  6. lori

    Congratulations Ann, Hailey, and Jennifer! Awesome picks, Minted! 🙂

  7. Melanie Severin

    Congrats Ann, Hailey and Jennifer!!!

  8. Olivia

    Wonderful news! And great choices–congrats Ann, Hailey and Jennifer!

  9. beautiful ladies hailey, ann & jennifer! congrats the three of you!

  10. Anng

    Thanks everyone! It’s truly an honor!

  11. Susan Asbill

    Congratulations ladies!

  12. Cecile

    Congrats Ann Hailey and Jennifer ! We are spoiled to have you as Mentors with Amy and Sydney, it´s a dream team !

  13. Susie

    Congratulations, ladies! You’ve all been so helpful and inspiring already; this is a natural choice!

  14. Dreaming Inspirations

    Congrats!! Great Choices I always look forward to hearing their feedback and seeing their designs!!! They have inspired me and helped me in ways that are irreplaceable!! Thanks Ladies

  15. Jana Volfova

    Perfect choice. Congratulations!

  16. Amy -AJCreative

    CONGRATS! I love hearing from these ladies on my own designs and always enjoy seeing what they create. Awesome news!

  17. Paige

    What a fantastic team. I admire all three of you, each for unique reasons! Congratulations!

  18. Robin O.

    Awesome choices! Congrats ladies!

  19. Jen Wick

    Thanks everyone!! I’m excited to be joining Sidney, Amy, Ann and Hailey. Thanks Minted!

  20. Hailey M

    Thanks so much everyone! This is such an amazing and supportive community… I fee all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂 I am so excited to join Sidney, Amy, Ann and Jennifer! And like Jen said – thank you Minted!

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