Bright Lights! Minted launches Diwali Cards for the 2011 Holiday Season.

We are excited to bring the colors of India to you through Minted’s new collection of Diwali cards. Diwali cards are sent out to loved ones, business clients, and friends to celebrate the festival of lights, celebrated on October 26th this year.

Minted designer Kimberly Morgan’s “Tree of Life Diwali Card” was the highest rated Diwali design in the International Celebration challenge, as voted by thousands of customers, designers, and stationery lovers around the world. “I was not at all familiar with Diwali before, so it was very fun to have an opportunity to learn about it for this challenge,” says Morgan. “My Tree of Life design was inspired by a beautiful vintage tapestry I found while researching Indian art. It was a great challenge and I loved working with such vibrant, intense colors.”

Minted designer Hello Hailey’s “Star Rangoli Diwali Card” took second place in the Diwali category. “Designing for Diwali was a great opportunity to research and learn more about the meaning of the festival, and it’s visual representation throughout the world,” says Hailey Myziuk. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute to Minted’s Diwali collection, and excited to share my new international designs with all of my friends!”

One Diwali card design that is truly inspired by the concept of light is “Lotus of Lights Diwali Card” by Jody Wody – our third place Diwali card winner. Designed with beautiful, warm hues, this design features the auspicious flower, the lotus, beautifully trickling down the left side of the card. Jody picked a unique greeting, “Bright Diwali”, signifying the importance of the celebration – lights, lamps, and the New Year.

Another favorite Diwali card design is “Graphic Lakshmi Diwali Card” by Susie Allen. This design depicts Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, and uses red-orange, which is a spiritual color during Diwali.

We also love “Henna Circle Diwali Card ” by Eric of GeekInk Design. This design has wonderful illustrations, and the use of a round photo makes this card standout among the crowd. Henna is such a great part of Indian culture, and we love that this design truly portrayed one of the most popular customs of India.

  1. Love the collection, beautiful colors and designs!

  2. Ankit Shastri

    Fabulous diwali cards. It reminds us about our Culture, tradition and brings brightness in this diwali festival. Congrats to everyone for creating such beautiful designs!!!

  3. Susie

    Thank you so much for featuring my Graphic Lakshmi card design. I really had a blast creating it, and I’m excited that it’s one of my first ever designs to be sold on Minted!

  4. Such beautiful card collection, just amazing designs and colors.

  5. Lovely the pictures,beautiful design and collection.