GIVEAWAY for ALL: Minted Mommy Cards

Call us crazy, but we’re giving away 25 mommy cards just for registering on our site. Pretty cool, right? For the next six weeks, while the giveaway is running I’ll be posting ideas on what to do with these free goodies on Wednesdays!

Boulevard mommy cards by ann rae paperie.

Idea No. 1: Mommy cards!

With kids heading back to school these cards are perfect for handing to new teaches or parents on the playground. You can opt for a backer with your kids on the back so the recipient can put two and two together and match your kids with you! Believe me when I say, backers really do set these cards apart. So does the thick paper you’ve come to know and love in all Minted products.

These are also great for new moms at the park or mommy play groups. It’s so important when you’re a new mom to find other families in the same spot in life and these cards help make those connections.

Playroom mommy cards by Simplete design.

I just adore the backer on this one. Mommy cards also skip that awkward number exchange… don’t you hate picking up on people?! And then having to pull out your phone. Instead, just hand them a cute card.

Pretty playdate mommy cards by Jess Taich.

Isn’t the square card cool? It’s just really different and stands out in the stack. Get yours free today!

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  1. Amanda

    I’ve followed the instructions for the 25 free cards, but I can’t seem to find the box I’m supposed to check to make the 25 cards free. Could you please share which page this is on? I’ve gone all the way through even entering my credit card info to the “Review your Order” page (next step would be to place the order). Thank you & thanks so much for offering such a lovely Giveaway!

  2. brandy

    I placed my ordered & shared the great news throughout my networks!

    @Amanda -Click the box that includes the Minted logo & your order will be complete. minus shipping.

  3. ARON

    amanda & sharon,

    when you are making your cards, go to the page where you pick a “back” for your card. At the top there is a box in brown click the small box below it that says “get my free cards” Order will then reflect the 25 free cards…

  4. Natasha

    Exactly, you’ll find the box on tab “2. Back” It reads: Print a minimal Minted logo on the back of my card and give me 25 free cards or $30 off my order. You just need to check that for your free cards. We hope you enjoy them!!

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