A Few Holiday Card Design Challenge Winners…

We know that the Minted design community probably wants to know the winners of the “Sending Good Cheer” holiday challenge – NOW.  We thought we would surprise you with a sneak preview of winners in three special award categories, the  “Advertising,” “Trailblazer,” and “Whimsy” categories.  Enjoy!

Advertising Award

Our Minted holiday card advertisement in Real Simple Family has hit the newsstands, and it features the first of the new Minted community designs to be featured this year in a national Minted print ad!  Congratulations to Cecile Kotsch of Cecile Paper Lounge on her beautiful “Fleurs de Noel”, a combination birth announcement-holiday card that we thought would be perfect to showcase in this family magazine.  Here is the advertisement:

We love how the beautifully illustrated floral garland frames the image, and the hand-drawn style script is the perfect complement to Cecile’s illustrations.  This delicate design is perfect for a birth announcement any time of the year, but the addition of the rich reds, greens, and pinks in the garland added just enough holiday cheer. Congratulations to Cecile on being named in our advertisement and her $250 award.

Trailblazer Award

Our choice for Trailblazer is “Grande Noel”, by Kelli Hall.  We chose this design because it is unique and renegade but still in the holiday spirit:

“Grande Noel” by Kelli Hall would surely stand out on anyone’s holiday mantel. Kelli is a master of clean and modern aesthetic, and this design is no exception. Elevating the traditional holiday card to a work of art, the partially obscured photograph and large noel type give this design an abstract quality that we haven’t seen before. We love the way this design highlights a sweet detail in your photograph, and that the dramatic use of white space really shows off the color in the image.

This was a tough choice, and there were several runners-up for the trailblazer award:

From the top left:

“Holiday Play” by Erin Gerrity

“Hugs and Kisses” by ERAY

“Mini Circle” by Precious Bugarin

“Exalting Joy” by Candice Leigh

“Etched” by Jackmove

“Star Crossed” by Maddy Nye

Whimsy Award

And last but not least is our choice for the whimsy award, for best fun or whimsical design.  Our winner this year for the whimsy award of $250 is Alex Elko’s “Frosty Paws”:

We find it pretty hard not to smile and give this dog a hug when looking at “Frosty Paws”. The casual handwritten style font is the perfect complement to the funny copy and the illustrated paw print is a perfect signature for your pup.

Here are the runners up for the whimsy award – what can we say, animals talking about the holidays and Santa are often funny!

From the left:

“Santa Claws” by Kynsie and Cole

“12 Days Reality Check” by Three Kisses Studio

“Naughty is Nice” by J. Bartyn

Congrats to our first round of winners!  More to come soon…

  1. Cecile

    Waouh !! I am honored and so happy about that ! Thank you Minted !! And a big BRAVO to Kelly and all the other great designers!

  2. Jessica Y

    Congrats. to the winners – Beautiful designs!

  3. Ana

    Congrats winners! These are awesome. I can’t wait to see the whole Minted Holiday collection. Awesomeness!!!

  4. Susie

    Wow! So exciting to get some more results! Lovely work all around, and the Real Simple ad looks beautiful.

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    great choices!

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    So so exciting!! Congrats to all the winners, great choices!!

  7. Megan (toast & laurel)

    Congrats, everyone! Cecile – your design looks gorgeous. What a beautiful ad . . . well done, Minted!

  8. Kim Dietrich Elam

    Congrats to all the winners – truly beautiful, trailblazing and whimsical!

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    Congrats, everyone! Beautiful, inspiring work!

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    congratsss alll!! Fun n Festive designs!

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    Congratulations to all… such creative designs… Cecile your design looks stunning in the Minted ad!

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    congratulations to all! the ad is beautiful!

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    Wow, that ad is beautiful. Big congrats to all the winners!

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  18. Just saw the ad live and it is gorgeous…and the cards look beautiful too!

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