Atlanta Meet Up

Earlier this summer, Southern minties were treated to an extremely fun and well organized meet-up, organized and co-hosted by Mintie moderator Sydney Newsom. Here she tells us all about their fun day!

West-egg meet-up: Kelli Hall, Mariam, Angela Vellino (Chica Design), Olivia Raufman (Wondercloud), Kristen Smith, Shari Margolin

Whether it’s due to the importance Southerners have always placed on hand-written notes and personalized stationery or strictly coincidence, the talent amongst the Minted design community in the South is strong. The turnout for the first Mintie Meetup in the South was equally impressive (with over 10 attendees for both brunch and afternoon drinks).

We started out the day by meeting for brunch at “West Egg Cafe” in Midtown, a new and upcoming area of Atlanta. One look at the menu on their website and it was clear this was the perfect place for a Mintie Brunch. It goes back to the old adage so many designers repeatedly break: “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Have a look at the menu yourself. As it turns out, “West Egg” has it all: amazing food, amazing interior and industrial design and all of the graphical design elements to pull it together.

How about that typographic menu?!! When Sydney saw the menu online, I knew it would be the perfect place for Design-Savvy Minties. Yes, based on the menu, alone.

The menu is in a file folder- Doesn't this card look like it belongs in a Card Catalog, filed using the Dewey Decimal System?

Even the tiny chalkboard used to reserve our table added to the aesthetic.

Mariam shared insight as to what consumers are looking for in a holiday photo card and what resonates well with the Minted consumer in particular. Veteran Minties shared their experience and knowledge of design challenges with newbies (as there were an equal number of each at the table).

How cool is the industrial school-house decor?

Mariam hopped on a plane back to S.F immediately following brunch in order to arrive with time to tuck her kids in for bed.

T-shirts and a hand-written note on Minted stationery, of course!

Doesn't Syndey have the most amazing handwriting ever?!

But the day of fun didn’t end there. Minted Designers met-up for drinks and small plates at Bocado (once again in Midtown) in order to complete the 2-part series of this meet-up (in order to allow both Mariam and the designers who work from 8-5 to attend).

We made ourselves cozy by forming a circle on the back patio and passing small plates around while chattering about past job experiences, design challenges and how each of us discovered our love of design and stationery.

Fun Note: Come to find out, Alston Wise and Olivia Raufman were both at UNC at the same time and graduated with the same major (and both went on to acquire their graphic design education elsewhere after UNC).

Angela Vellino (Chica Design), Kristen Smith, Johanna (Arbor Corner Studio), Shari Margolin, Olivia Raufman (Wondercloud), Sydney Newsom, Natasha Milbury (Push Papers), Alston Wise (B.Wise Papers)

Overall a huge success- everyone is looking forward to the next one! A big thank you to everyone who attended. Mariam so enjoyed meeting you! And an even bigger thank you to Sydney for being a party planner extraordinaire.

Find more of Natasha on her blog.

  1. Olivia

    Such a fun day. Thank you, Minted, for helping me connect with so many talented designers in the Southeast. And thank you Sydney for organizing! Looking forward to our next Meetup!

  2. Meg G.

    Looks like so much FUN. Super jealous. Hope you’ll post some NYC pics sometime Natasha. 🙂

  3. Sydney Newsom

    I had so much fun getting to know everyone and can’t wait to return for the next meet-up!! I would do it once a week if I could 🙂

  4. Cecile

    Wow what a great meeting with so many beautiful talented designers!

  5. Susie Allen

    Looks SO fun, and all you ladies look adorable! (I’m another Georgia Mintie but I live and work too far from Atlanta to make the Meetup. Maybe next time!)

  6. Carrie O'Neal

    I’m so, so jealous. WIsh I was there to hang out with all you lovely and talented ladies.

  7. johanna

    Little late seeing this… but that was such a good time. I would love to have another meet-up.