The International Celebration Challenge: Judge’s Awards

A million apologies for this delayed post… several of our esteemed judges were traveling and a bit hard to reach… but, alas, the winners of our International Celebration Challenge. Each winner will receive a prize of $200. Congratulations to all!

CHINESE NEW YEAR: Alan Lo, the Chairman of the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, chose Neon Dragon Chinese New Year Card by Kristen Smith.

“Interesting use of vintage inspired textures and also use of dragon reference makes this an easy to understand yet timeless design.”

CHINESE NEW YEAR: Yummy Mummy Asia Co-Founders Kate Swan Malin and Levina Li-Cadman chose Sparkling Lanterns Chinese New Year Card by Larkspur West.

“I was immediately drawn to this bold design as lanterns and Chinese New Year go hand-in-hand. For me, this design captured the feel of the New Year celebrations and transported me to the heart of the festivities. I love the vibrant colors used – and of course the big pop of lucky red is perfect given its symbolism.”

DIWALI: Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan, the founder and CEO of, chose Bright Impression Diwali Card by Ann Gardner.

“The bright orange and pink is a very appropriate color palette for Diwali and I love the intricate motifs that are brilliantly executed. Still though, it’s not overwhelming, but warm, simple and elegant. Well done!”

EID: Ponn Sabra, the founder and owner of American Muslim Mom, an online community for American Muslim chose Arab Window Eid Card by Ana Sousa.

“This is the most unique Eid greeting card of all, and immediately got “Ooo’s, Ahh’s,” and “Woo’s” when flashed on our screen. This original use of Islamic Architecture is highly significant in masajids (mosques) and Islamic architecture throughout the world, and my girls and I have literally taken window (and door) pictures from masajids in America, Europe, Africa, and Asia Minor from this view. We even have one Eid picture of each girl sitting in, leaning out of, or leaning next to similar Masjid architecture. Also, the scientific and artistic significance in the 1001 Inventions world-tour exhibit detailed the history of these door and window arches; so there’s much depth to this highly creative, simple, elegant, unique, bright, and eye-catching card. We love how the artist chose to include the Islamic calendar date. The font is crisp and clean. One suggestion: Even in the Islamic world, Muslims never use the Islamic calendar date without the English date, so we need access to put both of them. But, we’d prefer an Arabic greeting or praise to Allah in Arabic lettering.”

And of course, everything is completely customizable at Minted so we would be more than happy to accomodate both dates!

EID: Samin Nosrat, the author of Ciao Samin, and a professional cook and freelance writer who has also taught classes about celebrating the Persian New Year, chose  Gracious Star Eid Card by J. Bartyn.

“I chose it because of its bright, lively coloring which to me is symbolic of the brightness, new life, and joy implicit in Eid celebrations. The geometric patterns within the star and in the border of the photo are also fantastically appropriate nods to the traditional tiling work in mosques throughout the Middle East, so they are traditional while design-savvy, and I appreciate that.”

Rosh Hashanah: Melissa Goldstein, who was previously an editor at Better Homes & Gardens and is now the Deputy Editor at Shape magazine, chose Tallit Rosh Hashanah Card by Jennifer Love King.

“I like the full-sized picture (as opposed to chopping the card in half) and that they’ve embraced a traditional Jewish symbol, the talit – or prayer shawl, and made it feel fresh for the new year. After all, most of the high holidays are spent in temple; Apples and honey are just one small component of the holiday.”

Find more of Natasha on her blog.

  1. Hailey M

    Beautiful picks!!! Congratulations!!

  2. Kimberly a Morgan

    Congrats to the winners – they are all beautiful choices!

  3. Yolanda

    These are all truly BEAUTIFUL. There is so much creativity and intricate design work in all.

  4. Jessica Y

    Beautiful designs – Congrats.!

  5. Lynn Knipe

    Congrats to all!