Summer BBQ Party Inspirations!

Isn’t it high-time you threw a summer bash?

Mini tequilas and bite-sized fish tacos by way of Luna & Chloe weddings.

Easy summer appetizers from A Subtle Revelry.

BBQ outfit from AngelaLucile.

Posted Party Invitations by Oscar + Emma.

Vintage cowboy place settings from the Hostess Blog.

Refreshing lemon and lime water from Pottery Barn.

Lemon dress and cakes from l’orto di Michelle.

Watermelon Acqua Fresca from The Garden of Eden.

Beautiful table from Maison Boheme.

Vintage Western Party Invitation by Gakemi Art+Design.

A great rib and BBQ sauce recipe from HKHousewife.

Rustica Party Invitations by ringo baby.

BBQ cupcakes from Family Fun.

S’mores pudding from Annies Eats.

Diet Coke cake pops from Bakerella.

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  1. what a lovely, inspiring post natasha! makes me homesick for the states.

  2. Lori

    Love the Diet Cokes!

  3. Linda

    Just found your site through Blogging With Amy. These are terrific ideas. Martha Stewart Eat your heart out!!

  4. Such fun ideas!! I’m just now discovering the lovely minted collection and I just wanted to swing by to say what a lovely one I think it is!! My brides would love it.

    xoxo, chrissy
    The Perfect Palette