Chronicle Books chooses Minted Designers!

Today is an exciting day for us… we are thrilled to announce the designs that Chronicle Books, our first-ever partner, has chosen designs submitted to the Chronicle-Minted challenge to print and launch in stores around the world.  Christina Amini, Executive Editor of Chronicle, along with her colleagues, has chosen:

Ballooning, by Momo

Crosshatch Confetti, by Annie Clark

Pretty Poppies, by Paper Dahlia

Spring in Bloom, by Kelly Maron Horvath

Congratulations to all!  These four designs will be printed as ready-made stationery and distributed in notecard portfolios by Chronicle Books, and as personalized stationery on Minted.  Designers’ names will be printed on the back of each card, and Minted and Chronicle will be publicizing the designs and designers.

Christina described Chronicle’s selection process: “We have never done a competition like this before – so the process of selection was something we had to develop. First, each one of us on the Stationery team voted for our five favorite designs. Then, with the individual designs that garnered the most votes, each one of us created our favorite collection. We posted the various collections up on the wall and then over the course of a week, came to our consensus on the best collection. It was hard to choose among all the wonderful designs!

We wanted to choose designs that were playful, beautiful, and that would hang together as a collection. In our final selection, we liked that each card offers a take on the color palette and that we have a variety of background colors, but that the collection is balanced. We could imagine wanting to send these cards for many different occasions.”  Read more about what Chronicle editors are reading, publishing, and laughing about on their interesting blog here.

We called each of the winning designers yesterday to let them know the good news, and asked them about the inspiration behind their design:

  • Kelly Maron Horvath: “When I read that the Chronicle Books team was looking for “over-the-top-pretty-designs”, I knew I wanted to do something with flowers.  I know that seems obvious but wanted to make them these modern, graphic flowers instead.  Their color palette also really helped to amplify this idea of a bright, spring-time feel with a modern twist.”
  • Paper Dahlia: “Pretty Poppies is inspired by wood block and etching printmaking techniques. The heaviness of the poppies is balanced by the delicate detail of the herringbone background pattern.”
  • Momo: “Die cuts, blogs and Esquire magazine were my main sources of inspiration. Die cuts help me decide on shapes and color relationships. Blogs allow me to see all the amazing work that’s already out there. Esquire magazine is full of great design elements and inspired me to use texture in my design. I wanted to create something that would make people smile. I’ve never been in a hot air balloon, but they have such a recognizable shape and look like fun!”
  • Annie Clark: “Crosshatch Confetti is the design that I would want to purchase – I’m slightly obsessed with confetti right now and have always loved polka dots. I played with the crosshatch texture and made the circles slightly irregular in shape to make it more than just your everyday polka dot pattern.”

We wanted to send a quick note of encouragement to all of those who participated.  This was Minted’s first-ever challenge with dual artistic constraints: no text or typography was included at all in designs, and artists were limited to four colors.  Once again, we were in awe of the talent and creativity on display in the Minted community. It was inspiring to see designers flex their illustration skills, play with texture and pattern, and embrace the color palette.  The community crafted designs that demonstrated superb creativity in meeting constraints while designing broadly appealing art.  We can’t wait to launch many of these designs on the Minted site.  You can see all submitted designs here.

Again, congratulations to everyone and stay tuned for more exciting challenges at Minted!

  1. Congratulations, ladies! Well done! 🙂

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