The most amazing wedding bouquet ever.

This fine morning, I have the great pleasure of sharing the story behind Rhiannon, a minted bride, and her stunning bouquet made from heirloom family broaches atop real stems.

“When my Grandmother passed away, my aunt and I spent an afternoon going through all her costume jewelry. She had SO MANY lovely lacquer brooches and clip on earrings. I put them in my pile not knowing what I’d ever do with them. When I saw a blog post about a brooch bouquet, I got chills.”

“I contacted the lady mentioned in her post and was told that it would be $350 to assemble the bouquet and I’d have to provide 50-75 pieces. I had nowhere near that many. Also, I wasn’t thrilled about spending that kind of money for a bouquet. As luck would have it, a couple of weeks later, I met the girl who would end up being my floral designer at a mini bridal show at Portland Center Stage and she said she could assemble the bouquet for a fraction of the price.”

“The final bouquet contains brooches and clip on earrings (and even a ring or two) from my mom, both my Grandmothers, my great Auntie Helen and both Bill’s grandmothers. I still didn’t have quite enough, so I purchased some extras on eBay.”

“According to my bathroom scale, the bouquet weighs 3.2 pounds. Which totally explains why my arm ached the day after my wedding. It currently sits on my mantle and and it makes me smile whenever I see it. I love that I have a bouquet that I can keep forever. Also, I know my Grandma would have loved to know her brooches were a part of our big day.”

Rhiannon and Bill used minted for their holiday card: float paperie’s float + you.

And also for their save the date: Opera by Coco Paperie.

Clearly these two just have the best taste in everything! Wishing Rhiannon and Bill all the very best as their first anniversary approaches.

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  1. Sandra Pons

    What a beautiful way to keep loved ones close and part of their special day! Obviously this couple has great taste!