Moving Party!!

I can’t get enough of Victoria Hudgins and A Subtle Revelry… I was literally just posting (see below) about her genius DIY wedding programs and happened upon her moving party. Her family is moving from San Diego to Denver.

Fluorescents are ALL the rage right now, which Victoria’s party captured perfectly. It reminded me of some of our fun, bright moving announcements. All photos are from A Subtle Revelry.

Moving is SO much work and also very stressful, but a moving party makes light of the whole situation. And let’s be honest, forget the fancy schmancy toys; a tot will take a cardboard box any day!

The Grass is Greener Moving Announcements by Sweet Tree Studios.

With all your pictures and paintings packed up, your decorations have the perfect blank canvas!

Moving Full Circle Moving Announcements by R Studio.

The good thing about a moving party is all your dishes are packed up so no one can expect you to cook! Don’t you just want a doughnut now? I do.

The Perfect Match by Amanda Larsen.

Another great thing about a moving party is that everyone comes to you–which is helpful during such a busy time–and you can say your good-byes to everyone at once–so much better that way.

Victoria ended the day with a DIY version of a bounce house. Wishing the Hudgins all the best in their new home!

Find more of Natasha on her blog.

  1. Great! I like your idea of having a party while moving. I can’t believe it is possible to have a party in such situation. I’m just wonderin’ how were you able to manage your time between the packing of things and at the same time entertaining your guests. I guess your guests also help you in packing and carrying your loads? 😉

  2. Awww thanks for the sweet post! I can’t get enough of you either:)

    Jaja, we didn’t actually load the truck while the kids were there, we did that later in the day, but having them help would have been a great idea;) Next time!