How-to: A Subtle Revelry DIY Wedding Programs

If you haven’t checked out A Subtle Revelry yet, you really have to because you will just love all of Victoria’s detailed projects. She focuses on little projects–making DIY so much more managable and far less overwhelming than other blogs out there. Victoria’s brad program below was one of two runner-ups in our DIY Wedding Program Challenge. Check out all the other DIY Wedding Program entries from our favorite bloggers here!

For the Charming Go Lightly Wedding Program, Victoria turned brads into confetti.


I purchased multi-colored brads from my local Target (they were under $3 for the case of 100) + a pencil

To make:

I started by laying out the program with additional printed sheets underneath and attaching three brads in a line on the top of the front cover.

Use a mechanical pencil first to poke a very tiny hole through the outside of the program for the brad to run through (this prevents the gorgeous program paper from creasing on impact).

Thread each brad through with your hands catching each layer of paper as you go.

Turn over and close out the brads on the inside of the program.

For the back of the programs, I poked the brads only through the bottom program layer. Repeat the steps from the front and place a handful of different color brads in a random fashion.

The brads are taking the place of thrown confetti so it is good for each program to look bit different in color and placing combos.

Once you get started each DIY wedding program should only take 2-3 minutes to complete.

For the Modern Elegance Wedding Program, Victoria used embroidery and a cool button.


A hand sewn program is a sweet way to share the love of your day. For this program I used a length of multi colored embroidery thread purchased at my local Joann’s and a simple button. You will also need a needle, scissors and a pencil.

To make:

First you will want to embroider the backside before putting your programs together. Using a pencil write out your word choice and starting with the underside run your thread along your pencil line to write out your word in thread.

After that is complete, line up the program and all additional sheets and place the button on the front of the program.

Thread through the button and back around.

To end the loop thread alongside the side of your paper for a unique and pretty finishing touch.

Each DIY wedding program takes about 5 minutes for completion (depending on your sewn word length!)

For the Cocktail Hour Wedding Program, Victoria used streamers to bind the program and put a little streamer throw to toss at the couple on the back.


To make this program you will need a compilation of streamers in a pretty color palette, scissors, and thread.

To make:

For the front of your program simply layer the streamers one on top of another.

Once they are in a good order flip your program over and glue the two ends of the streamers together with a dab of clear paper glue.

You will need to ensure that all the additional program papers have room to slide under the streamers.

Slide the papers in place.

For the program back side, add in a fun and whimsical way to give a throw away for your leaving.

Cut out small streamer lengths from your rolls. Mine were about 6 inches by about 1/2 an inch wide.

Accordion fold each streamer down and compile a stack of them together.

Print out a small tag to attach to each program with directions to throw the streamers.

Thread a needle and sew the streamers together with the tag onto the back of each program.

Tie off with a bow that will allow your guests easy access to the throwaways!

Each DIY wedding program takes about 5 minutes for completion.

Find more of Natasha on her blog.

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  2. Maria

    Doing your own wedding cards is such a cool and fun idea. Moreover you will be able to add a personal touch on this event. Though it’s quite time-consuming, it is important that you have to start as early as you can. Or, you can gather your girl-friends or niece to help you on this project. Moreover, this can be one important part of a bridal shower party. 😉