How to: Orange Blossom Ink DIY Wedding Programs

I thought you might all be curious as to how some of the awesome entries in our DIY Wedding Program Challenge were created… brides, especially, might want to re-create their handiwork… so we’ll be posting about a few of them in the days to come. Also be sure to check out picture slide shows of all the entries on our wedding program how-to guide where you can also download wedding program templates for your DIY wedding programs.

Orange Blossom Ink‘s Cocktail Hour Wedding Program Entry was a runner-up.

Materials needed for each program:

• 2 2-hole buttons

• 35″ of bakers twine (20″ for program tie and 15″ for handkerchief tie)

• 1 handkerchief

• Small hole punch

• Scissors


1. Cut bakers twine to approximately 20″ in length.

2. Lay bakers twine flat on table. Set program flat on top of twine with inside of program facing up. Place insert face up on top of program.

3. Criss-cross ends of twine and wrap around to the other side (actual front of program)

4. Tie knot in twine. For added detail, knot can be to left or right side of program.

5. String button onto one end of string and pull up so that the button covers the knot.

6. Trim twine to desired length.

Time: Approximately 3-5 min.

(additional directions for handkerchief)

7. Using small hole punch, punch two holes in back of program, approximately 1″ from each side.

8. Fold handkerchief into small rectangle. (tip: use pinking shears instead of sewing handkerchief hems!)

9. Cut bakers twine to approximately 15″ in length.

10. String button onto twine.

11. Wrap twine around handkerchief 2-3 times, with button facing the outside.

12. Insert ends of twine into holes on program and tie in knot to keep handkerchief affixed to back.

Total time to put together invitation: 5-8 minutes (not including time to make handkerchief)

Materials Used:

Gray & White Twine – $15 (240 yd spool): Divine Twine by Whisker Graphics:

Yellow Handkerchief -$3/yd – handkerchief size 10″ x 10″: Fabric purchased from Joann’s (tip: use a 40% off coupon to buy fabric!)

Gray Pearlized Buttons – $4 for set of 6: Joann’s, Michael’s or any craft store (can also use antique buttons or left overs from other projects. might be fun if they were all a little different!)

Orange Blossom Ink‘s Charming Go Lightly Wedding Program Entry.

Materials needed for each program:

• 45″ of thread

• 3 adhesive crystals

• Scissors


1. Cut 45″ of thread.

2. Place insert inside of program

3. Wrap thread around program 4-5 times, keeping equal distance between each thread.

4. Tie knot in front of program. Using ends of thread, loop around threads and tie another knot, so that threads come together.

5. Trim thread.

6. Place large crystal on top of knot and two smaller crystals on top and bottom.

Total time to put together invitation: 5 minutes

Materials Used:

Black Coat Thread (thicker than regular sewing thread) – $4/spool: Joann’s, Michael’s or any craft store

Adhesive Crystals -$3-$5/pack of about 100: Joann’s, Michael’s or any craft store

Find more of Natasha on her blog.

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  2. Meg G.

    oooooh! i love the handkerchief! Such a cool idea.