Laura Hankins’ ‘Winged Speciman’ on Green Wedding Shoes.

Laura Hankins’s ‘Winged Speciman‘ is such a unique wedding invitation and I was just thrilled to see what Jen from Green Wedding Shoes was able to pull from it in her styled tabletop shoot.

Have four mis-matched chairs ever looked more like they belong?

I have seen these test tube vases around town for years and man do I want one! This would be a good excuse to splurge!

The reason I think this tabletop works so nicely is there isn’t just one theme (yellow and blue for example). There is the butterfly theme, working with the scientific beaker idea, combined with the black and white chevron theme, with pops of orange and yellow to mix it up.

The cut-outs of the butterflies on the wall would be so easy to re-create and would have so much impact.

And the origami butterflys are just incredible. The instructions for how to make the butterflys are on, along with a lot of other fun creatures and objects.

This chevron runner would also work really well with paper plains’s ‘Fracas‘ wedding invitation.

Thanks for pulling such brilliance together Jen! All this inspiration from one gorgeous stationery design! Go ahead, get yourself inspired and check out some of our other wedding invitation, save the date card, and bridal shower invitation designs!

Find more of Natasha on her blog.

  1. That’s awesome for Laura. Congrats! Such a cute invite.

  2. Meg G.

    go laura! it’s so fun to see how a great invitation design can translate into an event design. My faves: that sweet table runner + the bouquet with origami butterflies.

  3. Sandra Pons

    Good for you Laura! Your design is obviously inspirational!

  4. Ashley

    Congrats Laura! This invite is still one of my favorites of all time.

  5. Melanie Severin

    What a beautiful photoshoot and that invitation is gorgeous, Laura – congrats to you!

  6. Hailey M

    awesome laura! This is for sure one of my favs… those butterflies are so lovely. So cool to see an event take off from your design, how exciting!!

  7. Laura

    Wow, this was such a great surprise 🙂 Thanks to Minted & Green Wedding Shoes- so very cool! I’m going to have to try making those origami butterflies…!

  8. Ellis

    That invitation makes me want to have a second wedding. Love it!

  9. Paige

    How fabulous! A big congrats, Laura! 🙂

  10. Jessica Y

    LOVE this design and the science/botanical theme. congrats. Laura!!

  11. Beautiful! Love Laura’s invitation!

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