Program Challenge: Winners Announced!

Remember just how excited we were about our new wedding programs? Well, we were equally excited about all of the great DIY wedding program entries. Now we know just how hard it is for all of our guest judges to choose their favorites! Thank goodness we do crowdsource almost all of our designs because the pressure is just too much for one person to handle. While we polled much of our office to come up with our final winners, you should definitely check out the other submissions for more wedding program ideas and inspiration! If you’re thinking of doing something fun and personal with your programs, be sure to check out our step by step DIY wedding program guide and download our wedding program templates.

So without further ado, our grand prize goes to Moglea, who also happens to be a minted designer (although that had no influence on her winning.) Congratulations Meg Gleason! We can’t wait to hear what you do with your $1,000 prize!

Your use of silver Washi tape was so simple–and would be so easy for brides to do en masse–but it is still so fresh and elegant.

We LOVE how you punched the interior pages to resemble lace–what a beautiful surprise!

And we love that you mixed it up and used striped Washi tape for the program’s interior–it’s such a nice contrast with the Chevron striping of the program itself.

Our two runner-ups, in no particular order, were entered by A Subtle Revelry and Orange Blossom Ink. Both Victoria Hudgins and Sarah Matthews will each be receiving $500 Minted gift certificates.

The difference between Victoria’s brads and Meg’s Washi on the same Charming Go Lightly by Cheree Berry wedding program just goes to show you how one program can be taken in such different directions.

Not only do these fun brads add a pop of color and liveliness, but they also easily secure the inner pages.

We love how Victoria used them all over the program and how scattered along the back of the program they create bursts of confetti.

Yay for not picking just one or two wedding colors!

But honestly, the wedding program that really pulled at our heart strings and got to the heart of what a wedding ceremony is all about… all that emotion when the bride walks down the aisle and the groom sees her for the first time… or when they take their solemn vows promising one another forever… and lastly when you get to that momentous first married kiss… was Orange Blossom Ink‘s Cocktail Hour handkerchief entry.

Sarah used bakers twine with a button to complement the colors in the program. The twine and the button complement Cocktail Hour’s aesthetic perfectly.

She then used leftover over fabric scraps to create small handkerchiefs and tied it to the back for all those happy tears!

We love that this is useful to the guest on the day-of and is a brilliant little take away favor.

We’ll be posting more entries in the coming days here on the blog so check back for more creative ideas on how to make your wedding truly unique with our DIY wedding programs.

Find more of Natasha on her blog.

  1. brandy

    what a fun & creative challenge. Congrats to all! x

  2. Ooh, how brilliant! Congrats!

  3. Ana

    This are awesome. Great job!!!

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