A girls night IN.

There’s no way I could survive a week without my girlfriends… it really is true that men just don’t need to talk as much as we do! While it’s fun to go out on the town, it’s not as easy to really catch up in a crowded bar. Nor is it that economical or productive, which is why I love having girls over for a night IN!

One of the best things about Minted is that all of our designs are totally customizable so I changed Spanish Lace just slightly to make it work perfectly–all you have to do is make a note of how you want the text to read and what design elements need to change in the special instructions box when you purchase).

Sometimes you have so much to catch-up on that all you need is pizza and some wine, but when you get together more regularly it’s fun to have one gal share a talent with the group. This winter I taught six of my girlfriends how to knit. They have all completed scarves and are moving onto blankets so I think it was a big success!

Here I re-purposed Pretty Skein by aspacia henspetter (currently sold as personal stationery and a business card) into a party invitation. (By the way, I do have the business stationery and it is SO adorable–a great gift for anyone you know who knits.)

Here Sweet Street Gals’s Sweet Success is a fun invite for a baking party. Making cut-out cookies or baking and frosting cupcakes is SO much work–not to mention a huge mess. So why not have the ladies over to help with the decorating?

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