Father’s Day business cards.

Father’s Day is around the corner… and wouldn’t it be nice to not have to scramble for a last-minute gift? Men are so difficult to shop for, but our business cards make perfect gifts. (Psst… we also have business stationery that make equally great gifts!) I asked a few Minted staffers what business cards they would choose for the fathers in their lives.

Mariam Naficy, CEO and founder’s dad chose Gallery Director by Andres Montano.
He picked them out himself! He painstakingly reviewed all the cards and picked this in blue as his favorite. We are printing some with the beautiful watercolor backer and some with a photo of my dad with my children.

Why do you think these caught his eye?
My dad is outgoing and charming, and loves meeting other people – he is retired but meets interesting people at the World Affairs Council, Georgetown alumni activities, and at his writing class. He is often the life of the party and tells great stories. He actually asked for these calling cards as his Father’s Day present because he needs them to share his contact info. He picked this design because it is unusual, but elegant.

What is one thing you really love about your father?
My dad grew up in Europe, and he appreciates the little luxuries in life! This is wonderful for me, because I tend to start businesses that deal with beautiful design and little luxuries, and my dad can really appreciate what I do. When I started a cosmetics retail company, he liked trying nice soaps and shaving creams. With Minted, he loves combing through the site and looking at all the designs. He is also a super-supportive dad, so I think no matter what I was doing he would be there to cheer me on.

Niniane Wang, CTO chose bright numbers by avie designs.

Why are these perfect for your dad?
My dad is a math professor.  He is always thinking about dates and numbers in his head.  He still remembers the precise date of emotionally significant events, even after 30 years.  For this calling card, I’d pick some significant dates, e.g. the date my family immigrated to America, my brother’s birthday and my birthday.

Why do you think your dad is the greatest?
I find my dad’s history to be an inspirational example in perseverance.  Shortly after my dad graduated with honors from the top university in China, the Cultural Revolution happened, and he was sent to a rural farm village to teach math to farmer’s kids.  Some of these kids lived in homes with dirt floors, and could only buy notebooks by collecting eggs for trading.  My dad made the best of it, and managed to get one of his students into Tsinghua, a top-tier college.  That student is now running a successful business in the US on the East Coast, and calls my dad every few years to thank him.  After the end of the Cultural Revolution, my dad was transferred to the Beijing Academy of Sciences and then came to grad school in the US, but he had to go for ten years without knowing if that day would ever come.  Unsurprisingly, one of my dad’s favorites movies is “Stand and Deliver”, about a math teacher in an inner-city school.

Sam Carrington, Manager, Customer Service & IT chose Hey Barber by hello hailey.

Who would you give it to?
My grandfather was in a barber-shop quartet when I was younger, and I loved listening to him sing. He loves using song to make people laugh – when I was a teenager, he would stand outside my bedroom door at 9am on the weekends and sing “Rise and Shine”…now that we live in different cities, I remember this as charming! Instead of “Two Guys Barber Shop”, I’d have the banner read “A Song A Day Keeps the Dr. Away” – he’s an awesomely healthy 85-year-old man!

What’s one awesome thing about your grandfather?
Gramps loves telling jokes and pulling people’s legs – he can tell the tallest tales with an absolute straight face, but there’s a tell-tale twinkle in his eye that always gives him away!

Sam also chose Open Book by jody wody.

Who is the lucky recipient?
My dad taught me a great love and appreciation for literature of all kinds. He encouraged me to start a kids column in the newsletter at his company when I was 7, and dedicated his book to my and my siblings when he published his own book. Instead of “Certified Bookworm”, I would have the title read “Renaissance Man” – he’s quite the charmer!

Say one nice thing about your father.
Dad is passionate about his family, and retired early to stay home and raise three of his grandchildren, who are all amazing young men thanks to his gentle guidance!

Cathy Siciliano, Vice President of Marketing chose the woods by jess taich.

Who’s the lucky guy you are giving this to?
My friend, a dad, is transitioning into a new role as an entrepreneur, and this card will help him make the transition. I chose this because the shape is unique, stands out, shows personal style. The checked backer shows the person is thinking of everything – even the back of the card. The information hierarchy is simple and highlights the person’s role – in this case, my friend is an entrepreneur – and having the title prominently displayed in the middle supports this. Also, the emphasis of this card is on the name – and this will help him brand himself.

Why did you decide to get him such a cool gift?
My friend is stylish, ahead of the curve and takes pride in his communications. This business card design is right up his alley.

Lu’chen Foster chose No Job too Small for her father-in-law.

Why is it relevant for your father-in-law?
He is incredibly handy and loves to tinker. He’s taken apart a whole washing machine and successfully put it back together! Plus I think he’d get a kick out of the multi-use ruler on the backer.

Say one nice thing about your F-I-L.
There’s a language barrier between us and even though it’s hard to communicate, he always makes an effort to really engage in conversation that’s meaningful.

Natasha Lawler, Director, P.R. and Partnership Marketing chose Buy Organic by sara heilwagen.

Why is this a good gift for your dad?
My dad likes to think he’s a farmer—he takes his little backyard garden very seriously (he’s built an entire maze of PVC piping for his tomatoes), so I think he’ll get a kick out of handing this out to his friends and family!

Why is your dad great?
My dad always makes amazing dinners from his garden when I come home to visit, which makes me feel very special. His salads are incredible—especially the ones with his giant fava beans. And he makes amazing strawberry rhubarb pie. We call home “Nate’s full service lodge” because he even brings us lattes in the morning!

Natasha chose Busy Bee for her father-in-law.

Why is this card perfect for him?
My father-in-law is a beekeeper—he has several hives and is working on making a glass hive for the center of his at-home office. The honey is delicious and really helps with everyone’s allergies when visiting for the holidays. Everything on minted is completely customizable so I’m just going to change the words from ‘handyman services’ to read: Bee Keeper, Phil Lawler, Keeping hives buzzing since 2009

Say one nice thing about the male-at-hand.
He gave the most touching speech at our rehearsal dinner. He is also an amazing writer and sends me the most thoughtful and detailed emails which mean so much to me.

Business cards may not be the perfect thing for your father, but we all have some great business stationery worth a look. It’s a good idea to order personalized gifts now so you get them in time without having to rush. Wishing everyone’s dads a very special June 14th!

Find more of Natasha on her blog.

  1. I’m so flattered Natasha chose “Busy Bee” for her bee-keeping father-in-law. 🙂

  2. Sam! So flattered you chose ‘Hey Barber’ for your grandfather – what a sweet story!!

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  4. I wish I’d seen this last year when it was posted, thanks for choosing my Buy Organic Natasha!