Thrilled to be partnering with Chronicle!

We are beyond excited about our just announced partnership with Chronicle Books. If you don’t immediately think of highly curated, beautifully composed books, gift and stationery when you hear the word Chronicle, you undoubtedly have seen their great products and just not realized they were the work of this design leader and independent book publisher.

This is the first time ever that Minted is sourcing designs on behalf of another retailer. Chronicle Books has chosen Minted, due to the strength and consistency of its design community, to produce stationery designs that Chronicle can sell in stores.

In The Chronicle Books-Minted Design Challenge, the winning designs of four talented designers will be featured in a notecard collection published by Chronicle Books and will be sold in stores around the world, as well as on as custom stationery. Both Chronicle Books and Minted will publicize the winning designers and will feature the notecard collection on their websites. Read more about the details here. The submission deadline is Tuesday, May 24th 10am PST, approximately one week before the end of Minted’s holiday card design challenge.

Chronicle has given our designers a festive color palette to inspire, as well as make sure that the four designs chosen don’t clash terribly with one another!

“This is the first time Chronicle has sourced stationery design through a design competition,” says Christina Amini, Executive Editor, Chronicle Books. “We chose Minted because of the strength of its design community and the originality and beauty of the designs its community consistently produces. We can’t wait to see what Minted’s community comes up with.” Isn’t that awesome?

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