Our 2011 Holiday Top Model Contest

The weather outside might not be frightful, but at Minted, we are always delightfully in the holiday spirit. All 365 days a year. We just launched our Annual Holiday Design Challenge and boy is this going to be the best challenge to date! We are going to have holiday card designs like you’ve never seen before this year and now we want to see your photographs.

Sometimes you come across a photo-card that makes you literally stop in your tracks. A gorgeous photograph paired with a stunning card design produces one result – perfection.

Minted is inviting customers and fans to submit their photos for a chance to be showcased in our brand new holiday collection on minted.com. Families, children, couples, grandparents, pets – all are welcome. A variety of photographs will be selected, and if yours is chosen, you will receive a $200 credit for Minted flat or fold-over Holiday Cards, plus a generous Friends and Family discount so that you can share the love with your closest friends. In addition, we will also be picking the top photographer and featuring them on the Minted blog. Submission has been extended to Monday, May 16, 2011 at NOON PST.

The photo cards will be heavily promoted in our advertising this holiday season, so if you have always thought your child was the cutest one on the block, here is your chance to prove it. See the winners of the previous Top Model Contest in our holiday assortment.

Who can resist a cute, mischievous face in a holiday photo card?

–Children of all ages (from newborn to teen)
–Grandparents & Grandchildren
–Full Family

–Color or Black and White.
–Professionally shot or casual snapshots.
–Anything from classic to quirky, playful or elegant.

We hope to select a variety of images and love our customer’s photos whether formal or informal, playful, funny or just plain cute. Please note that the “best” photographs have uncluttered backgrounds, no “red eye”, and even light.

1. You post your photo and some descriptive information (see below for a quick “how to”) on http://www.facebook.com/minted by Monday, May 16 at NOON PST.
2. You encourage all of your friends and family to “Like” and comment on your photo.
3. Minted Editors review the comments and “Likes” for photo and select the winners. Minted will blog about the winners and then contact the winners by email.

1. Go to www.facebook.com/minted
2. “Like” us if you have not already
3. Go to the comment field on our Wall and click “Photo” to upload a photo. Please don’t hit “share” just yet!
4. Attach the photo and include your email contact information (very important as we need to be able to reach you should your photo be selected as a winner). Also type in a line or two about your photo — what it says about you as a family, where it was taken, any details you’d like Minted Editors to know.
5. Now, click “share.”
6. Your photo will show up in the “Fan Photo” section of our Fan Page.
7. Tell all of your friends and fans to comment and “like” your design!

–You can submit as many photos as you’d like.
— Prizes are limited to one per participant though eternal bragging rights are yours to keep.
–Photos that you submit must be your own and can be featured on our website.
–If your photograph was taken by a professional photographer, we will need a photo release from your photographer giving us permission to feature the photo on our site. More details will be provided when winners are contacted.
–If you are selected as a winner, we will need your photos and signed releases by you and your photographer by Wednesday, May 25th at NOON PST.
–Minted employees and anyone related to a Minted employee are not eligible for this prize.
–We will contact you via email with the specified email address you provided when you submit your photo.

Post a comment or send questions to designers@minted.com.

  1. Joe

    You want us to post pictures of our kids AND our personal email address to public Facebook page? Sorry but I value my family’s privacy more than that.

  2. Lorraine

    I was excited to see this contest, but you want us to drive awareness about your brand by getting all our friends to comment and like…..and the prize is $200 retail which is what, $100 wholesale….not worth it…………

  3. TBS007

    I have to agree with Joe. I also find it kind of funny that to comment on this blog post you require an email address that won’t be published…

    Anyhow, as a Facebook admin for several local businesses there is an easier way, that also protects your loyal customers/fans. All you need to do is click on the person who enters name & private message them if they win. It’s a pretty simple process & saves your loyal customers/fans private information from the public masses. What a treasure trove for anyone trying to cull email addresses for SPAM.

    I really hope you’ll revise your submission process as I’d love to enter a few pics. If not, oh well. I am unwilling to share my private information in this manner just for some free cards & bragging rights.

  4. dukesmama

    I agree with the other posters. Who would exploit their children by posting their picture with an email address on FB for $100? No thanks.

  5. Alina

    I agree!! NO way! Why can’t we just submit the pictures to you??

  6. Joe

    I almost thought about submitting something, but I really don’t want pictures and contact info for my kids floating around out there… this really does not leave an impression of a web-savvy company…

  7. Angie

    I agree with the others about privacy,although I submitted a picture of my cat.I do think there should be a private way to enter-not crazy about putting my email address on the FB page,along with pictures of my kids.Anyone can like the page and see all the children.Why would a website who cares so much about us ask us to upload pictures of our kids?

  8. Tasha

    I agree with everyone above – I was very disappointed to see how we have to enter. I won’t be putting pictures of my daughter up and asking everyone to ‘vote’ for her – submitting them for your decision and then posting winners (with no personal info included) would be more appropriate. Too bad!

  9. Ellie

    As a photographer, I also agree completely with the previous comments/concerns about the privacy issue. I have a lot of clients who would be happy to submit their kids’ photos to Minted, but not in this way. While they are somewhat protected by me submitting photos for them, I/my business become vulnerable to spam by posting my email address on Minted’s page.

    Also, it’s a messy way to display photos – to have to scroll down Minted’s wall is not very easy on the eyes.

  10. indu

    i was very excited, and submitted a few photos. but i agree with other comments- leaving your personal email on a minted’s wall isn’t my idea of fun. plus i think there could’ve been a better way to submit photos. says you can submit more than one but then it shows up as several different posts. also, no easy way to “share” your design with friends for them to comment. cute idea — but not well thought out. bummer.

  11. Andrea DeLuca

    Minted, can you respond to our comments by giving us a way to enter the contest without a facebook account? I used to be a facebook member, but quit because of privacy concerns. Please give us the opportunity to participate without compromising our security.

  12. Jennifer

    I agree with everyone else. I initially was going to post a picture, but why do we have to display our e-mail for everyone? A lot of photographers have photo contest where people submit their photos to them and then they have a folder with just the photos for that contest. The way minted is doing this contest isn’t very user friendly. Once more people post pictures, you won’t even be able to find your own picture because it will just move down the page. There is no way to direct friends and family to your photo since you can’t share your post. Whoever is in charge of minted’s facebook page should really have thought this contest out better. It’s a really poor way to do this.

  13. Elizabeth

    I have to agree with the other posts. There has to be a better way to do this. You guys are pretty savvy… I am pretty disappointed because I love minted!

  14. This is really a pain. There is no way to just share this to let friends vote. If we share, they will just like our link. In order for them to vote, they have to click on the photo but can’t vote unless they liked Minted. I agree about the email–fortunately, I just use an email that gets junk anyway.

  15. Nadine

    I am soooooooooooo annoyed with myself that I didn’t see this sooner! I hope that I make it on time! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the winners on the new holiday line….. and obviously hoping it’s ME. 🙂

  16. Minted

    Hi Everyone,

    Please feel free to submit your entries to designers@minted.com if you do not want to post to Facebook. We are also taking submissions through that e-mail address for those of you who would like to submit that way.

    Thank you so much for bringing this up, and I hope you all submit to the top model contest!

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me directly at designers@minted.com.

    Neha Gupta
    Community Relations Manager, Minted.com