The ‘Best of the Best’ awards.

It has been 3 years since Minted launched, and our community has grown and evolved tremendously. All of us at Minted feel very privileged to have been given the gift of working with a highly talented design community. Perhaps the most impressive thing of all is how supportive the designers in our community are of one other.

For the first time this year, we have launched an annual ‘Best of the Best’ award where we recognize the top designs of the entire past year. Before you peek at the results, please believe us in saying that it is a true honor to have made the top 200 list to begin with. Minted’s competitions have become known industry-wide for being very tough, and to achieve a top-20 ranking in the past 10 challenges is no small feat. We are thrilled to recognize these designs and designers as the top 10 Best of the Best of the past 12 months:

No. 1: no job too small by Ann Gardner

This clever design is an example of what so often makes a minted design successful: the genius idea behind the design. Our designers are always thinking outside the box and certainly adding a ruler to the back of a business card for a handyman seems like such a natural idea, but yet only Ann was brilliant enough to think of it!

No. 2: flowchart by Paper and Parcel

It’s hard to deny that orange and black were a hot color combination this year! And just like No. 1, this design succeeds because it is a unique and original idea, executed perfectly. The writing and typography are spot-on.

No. 3: keep the love cookin by Potts Design

Emily’s design is so warm and inviting! And although this card’s theme gets to the very heart of what a wedding shower is all about, it’s such a fresh take on a long-standing tradition. The muted beige is as modern as the stove is retro. And of course no one can deny that Emily’s cross-hatching and refined sketching is nothing short of a fine artist’s work.

No. 4: the perfect match by b. wise papers

Have you ever seen something that is at once so cute and so sophisticated? I think not! I love the play on words and the double meanings here.

No. 5: banner and branches by Alethea and Ruth

At the end of the day, we all just want something pretty to look at and Rachel certainly gives us that here, in a way that’s a far cry from a floral pattern your grandmother would love.
No. 6: many happy returns by Unless Someone Like You

Let’s face it, the reason we send greeting cards is that the writers can more aptly say what we wish we could say on our own. And they can make that message an enjoyable experience to read. I truly believe my father would enjoy receiving this card more than any gift I could give him!

No. 7: stitched flags by Hello Hailey

No matter how often we see them, our hearts are still aflutter when we see a nice, bold pendant swinging in the breeze. This design has such a nice amount of wit and whimsy, all the while still letting the photo shine!

No. 8: autumn blossoms by robin ott design

Here Robin really makes the most of our unique Minibook ™ format and really captures the feeling of fall. It is one part retro, one part pretty, and one part modern.

No. 9: visage by marabou

Brandy’s bold use of color and white space steals the show here. Every element is just as it should be!

No. 10: quilted by Laura Hankins

This lovely wedding quilt pays a pretty tribute to a marriage that will stand the test of time. The colors and patterns in the designs are so beautiful, I could stare at it all day long.

It’s a huge honor to be in this elite group. Congratulations to all!

Minties, we salute your excellence and thank you for inspiring us to come to work every day to make Minted as great as you deserve it to be.

CEO & Founder

  1. brandy

    This is truly an honor. Thank you! Congratulations to all the Minties! You are what makes this community great.

  2. Jen Wick

    Congrats to all of the winners!!

  3. Jessica Y

    Congrats. all! Great designs!

  4. Sandra Pons

    Congrats to all of you! Well deserved!

  5. Robin Ott

    Thank you so much and congrats to all these insanely talented Minties 🙂 This is such an honor!

  6. Hailey M

    Oh wow – thank you so much, I’m really honored to be included in this group. Congratulations Minties!! I am so inspired by this community, and grateful to have discovered Minted – it has sincerely enriched my career as a designer and freelancer – my sincerest thank you: Mariam and the Minted team!!

  7. Brooke

    Holy smokes! Thank you, Minities. There are so many insanely talented designers in the top 200 that I am deeply honored. A huge thank you to Miriam and everyone at Minted for creating and fostering a wonderful design community.

  8. Emily

    thank you SO MUCH minted & minties!! Truly honored to be included with such talented people.

  9. Karen Glenn

    Beautiful work from a very talented group. Congratulations to all!

  10. Congratulations everyone! There is such talent here!

  11. Anng

    WOW! With so many talented people creating wonderful designs for Minted, I am truly honored to be among these winners. Thanks SO much!

  12. Laura

    Absolutely thrilled and honored! Thanks so much, Minted & Minties! Congrats to everyone, and to Minted on their third anniversary!

  13. Jody Wody

    Huge congratulations everyone!

  14. Angela

    congrats to all the winners- very well deserved!

  15. Alston

    What an honor-thank you! Congratulations to all the other minties!

  16. Yolanda

    Congratulations to all!

  17. Meg G.

    HUGE congrats to all! All the designs here are top notch and super creative…and that’s what makes Minted great. 🙂

  18. lori

    Congratulations to all the winners!!! All of these designs are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! And a shout out to all those who were nominated, too. I’m sure the scores were extremely close, and all of your designs were awesome, as well.

  19. Karen Boehm

    Many congratulations to all of the very-deserving winners–an inspiring cross-section of talent!