Business Card Guest Judge Alexis Swanson’s Award

I am happy to announce the judge’s awards and runner-ups from our business card challenge guest judge Alexis Swanson, the design and PR maven behind her family’s Swanson Vineyards and the creative force behind her cheery blog. Her judge’s award goes to time for a trim by i heart design studio. Alexis chose it because of its “wonderful combination of modern and old time typography, plus it’s great colors.”

One of Alexis’s runner-up’s was drop me a line by Carrie O’Neal. “I love the script. It’s so simple and clean,” says Alexis.

Another favorite was world traveler by Jess Taich. She liked the”beautiful color contrast and great graphics.”

21st century girl also by Jess Taich was also picked because of the “beautiful script and subtlety.”

“I love the funky 60’s color palette and modern lines,” in crooked colors by Shasta Knight.

And band aid by Sheila Sunaryo is simply “adorable.”

Find more of Natasha on her blog.

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