Guest Judge’s Awards: February Showers

We were beyond thrilled to have three of the biggest names in the blogosphere guest judge our February Showers Challenge. I’ve had the great privilege of meeting them all in person and let me just say that they are the classiest, wittiest, prettiest, sweetest, most fun ladies ever. And their taste is impeccable, as their very popular blogs attest to, so I know you’re as excited as I am to hear which designs caught their eye in the challenge and why they liked them… so without further ado:

Erin Loechner from Design for Mankind chose couple’s recipe by Ana Gonzalez for her award.

“For me, this design won by a landslide. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s incredibly well thought-out. Most invitations are promptly recycled after the event, but this design will be long-treasured by the lucky couple in the form of a recipe card. Genius, and what a memory for the bride and groom!”

Erin’s runner-up was calling all chefs by Jennifer Wick.

“I love how unexpected this invitation is, and the personality of the event is clearly communicated with the design — a tough thing to do! Bonus? Wives won’t have to drag their husband’s to the shower, as meat/food is a man’s best friend!”

Another runner-up from Erin was baby book shower by Tyler Tea.

“I would so totally frame this invitation. It reminds me of a fun movie poster or quirky book cover, and the theme is present without appearing over-the-top. Adorable!”

Erin’s final runner-up was an evening for the baby by robin ott design.

“I spotted this design and thought “This is an invitation?!” It looks like a high-end, luxurious business card and I love the originality of the design. Kudos for taking a risk!”

Erin’s THE “Copywriting Matters, Too!” HONORABLE MENTION goes to love and dishtowels by Up Up Creative.

“When designing invitations, writing holds a special purpose in the process. This designer wins for best copy, and the design is nice as well.”

Erin’s THE “Oooh, classy!” HONORABLE MENTION goes to asian circles by Coco Paperie.

“In a world of swans and ducks, I was super surprised to see this was a baby shower invitation! I love the pattern, minimalism and simplicity. This is definitely a shower I’d look forward to attending.”

And Erin’s final award (isn’t she prolific!) is her THE “Made Me Laugh!” HONORABLE MENTION, which goes to Colorful Laundry by Ann Gardner.

“Quirky and delightful, this design is something I’d send out if I was hosting an event. Another copywriting win that sets the tone for the shower!”

Caitlin Flemming from Sacramento Street chose Umbrella of Advice by Carrie O’Neal for her judge’s award.

“What drew me to this baby shower invite was the use of beautiful typefaces and the vintage feel of the umbrella. Grewing up my mom would give me old French books from flea markets to do crafts with – this brought back a lot of those memories. I would definitely use this for the next baby shower I host!”

Caitlin’s runner-up was Moglea’s Florella.

“My very best friend just got engaged a few weeks ago and I’ve secretly been looking for bridal shower invites – I know it’s a little soon, but I’m just so excited. When I came across this design my heart stopped, it completely represents her.”

Meg Keene from A Practical Wedding chose Woodland Wreath by Lisa Nelson for her judge’s award.

“I love this invitation because it’s the perfect blend of feminine but quirky; a little girly, but drawn with skill and thought provoking. It says, “Come to our party. It’s going to stylish, but you know what? It’s also going to be meaningful.”

Meg also liked it’s raining babies by freshead creative.

Meg also thought perfect penmanship by Ann Gardner was quite special.

Tropical branches by Kirsten Smith was another favorite.
Family Tree by Three Kisses Studio was also noticed.
I can’t thank Erin, Caitlin and Meg enough for taking the time to weigh in. For all of you out there who haven’t ever checked out the ingenius Design for Mankind, Sacramento Street, and the Practical Wedding… what are you waiting for? You will fall in love with all three; I’m just sure of it.

Find more of Natasha on her blog.

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