LA Mintie Meet Up

We were quite pleased with the turn-out. Everyone was so excited to meet fellow Minties and business cards were a-flying!

(From left to right) Adam Lorber, Crystal Stansil, Allison Brennan of the Social Type, Annie Clark, Erin Welles of SunnyJuly, Patsy Henspetter of Aspacia Henspetter, Renne Pulve of Smudge Design, Chanda Alicanté Mariam Naficy, Ree Jae of Chi and You, Taleen Bedikian and Rhonda Hesse

It was wonderful meeting both new designers to the Minted community, as well as designers who have participated for awhile, like Erin, whom Mariam finally met for the first time!

The WP24 Lounge was beautiful and a great space for the event–it has amazing views of downtown Los Angeles.
It was really interesting to hear about everyone’s day job – one designer works for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (the Emmy’s) and his job includes working on the designs for the invitations and menus for the Governor’s Ball.

It was terrific hearing from Erin Welles of SunnyJuly that she had been ‘found’ on Minted by a buyer from a major retail chain who loved her designs on Minted and asked her to design cards and invitations for them.

By the time everyone headed home (Annie Clark in the elevator) down from the 24th floor, it was quite dark!

All photographs by Junia Montano.

Find more of Natasha on her blog.

  1. brandy

    looks like a ball! can’t wait to see you all in NYC! x

  2. Meg G.

    I’m jealous. Looks like so much fun!!

  3. Had a great time, can’t wait for the next one.

  4. annie

    great meet up! had such a great time meeting everyone, can’t wait for the next!

  5. Erin

    I had so much fun seeing Annie again, and meeting the rest of my “Minted Family” for the first time… loved it and love you all!!!

  6. You guys picked a great location and it sure was fun putting a face to the name of such talented designers.

  7. Ree Jae

    This meet up really pushed me to get started on Minted!
    Thank you for all of your great advices and the cute t-shirt!

  8. Aspacia

    It was great to meet you all guys! I can’t wait to see you again and meet more minties!!! xo

  9. Sydney

    Wow, great turnout . . . wish I could have been there!!