The 2nd Annual Incredible Minted Invitation Giveaway

It only happens once a year–when we launch our Spring 2011 Wedding Collection–so I’m very excited to bring you our 2nd Annual Incredible Minted Invitation Giveaway. This year we are doubling our prize; offering not just one full invitation suite for 100, but two full suites for two lucky brides, valued at $700 each. Our invitations start at just $134 for 50. There will be double the winners because after the recent launch of 175 new designs, we know have double the assortment offerings, which is beyond exciting! Minted was the first online retailer to introduce stunning embellishments–like our backers, envelope liners, and skinny wrap address labels–which are all included in this giveaway.

Whether you’re looking for a vintage or modern design, we certainly have something for everyone in our 2011 collection. And like everything we do, they are completely customizable. So if you fall in love with a design not currently offered in that perfect shade of Boracay blue that you’ve chosen for your bridesmaid dresses; not to worry. One of our designers will be more than happy to customize the color, font, or anything else you may want for you; just make a note of the changes you need in the ‘special instructions’ box when you place your order.

For all of us doing our part to be green, all of our designs are available on 100 percent recycled paper for a slight premium.

All you have to do to enter this incredible giveaway is to comment below with your favorite design from our new assortment. If you friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Tweet about this giveaway you can be entered up to three times; just leave a comment that says “And I friended you” or “I tweeted about this awesome giveaway.”
The giveaway will run until midnight on Sunday, March 20th. Winners will be announced only on this blog (you must check back to see if you won!) on Monday, March 21st. Good luck to all!

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  1. Valissa

    My favorite design is the Modern Type Wedding Invitation by Oscar & Emma. Clean, fun and classic!

  2. Karen Shepherd

    I absolutely LOVVVVE THE Mr. Lawrence invitations, and I friended you too πŸ™‚

  3. sarah t

    i love the Fall Carving Wedding Invitations

  4. sarah t

    i friended minted on facebook
    sarah tracey

  5. Amanda B

    I adore “One Heart Wedding Invitations” by Paper Dahlia. Sweet, simple, classic. I friended you too πŸ™‚

  6. Jennifer Depner

    I love the fall carvings, & I friended you too.

  7. Kate O

    I love love love the Banner and Branches suite – it’s quirky, modern and classic all at the same time. I friended you on Facebook too!

  8. I LOVE the Bloom wedding invitations! I am also following you on twitter and tweeted about this!

  9. Hailey

    I LOVE each of these – seeing them with their backers just makes me melt – they are all so gorgeous and fun!!

  10. Julie

    So many to choose from! I narrowed it down to 3:
    Summer Lanterns
    Heart PrintLove & Growing Old

    I friended you as well!

  11. Karen Jones

    I love the Charming Go Lightly invitations! I love your new collection in general, it’s so hard to choose my favorite!

  12. Kate S

    I love the mr. laurence invitations and about 20 others! I have also added you as a friend on Facebook.

  13. Jenni

    So many awesome choices! My top two faves: Wedding by Numbers and Type Stack. I friended you too!

  14. quin

    lovee lovee loveee pearls on a string!

    AND i friend you on FB and tweeted this contest!! triple whammyy

  15. Stacy

    I love the Bold Brackets Wedding Invitations – only would love to do it in lavendar

  16. Stacy

    I also tweeted!

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  19. Hollie

    I’ve been in love with Minted invitations ever since we used a Minted design on our wedding website! It would be awesome to invite our family & friends to our shindig by means of a BEAUTIFUL invitation suite πŸ™‚ And while it was hard to choose a favorite, the mister & I are infatuated with Bold Stripes, Wildflower Mead & 2 of Hearts. If we won…how we we ever choose just one?!

  20. Pink

    Definitely the bloom invitations-GORGEOUS!!

  21. Jennie

    Here’s hoping, times times! I also friended you & tweeted about this giveaway.

  22. Jennie

    Oops, forgot the mention my favorite! At the moment, it’s a tie between Sweet Linen and Banner & Branches.

  23. Jane

    I LOVE Barn Party! I also love the summer-themed ones, I’m using yellow-orange-red for my wedding.

  24. Hollie

    Was already following you on Twitter, but I tweeted the giveaway! @ThriftyinWhite

  25. Courtney

    Secret garden! Or Float in the new spring shades…

  26. Sarah A

    I love the vintage ranch! So unique!

  27. Jenny B

    I love the Destination Wedding invites!! 95% of our guests are traveling from as far as Ireland, so these invitations would be perfect!

  28. Hollie

    And I just like you on Facebook!

  29. Katie Maloney

    I love the Fireflies Wedding Invitations!

  30. Jess

    Love the Quotemarks in Love style – would be amazing to win the set!

  31. Jess

    And I just \liked\ you on Facebook.

  32. Jess

    Trifecta – I’m following @Minted on Twitter.

  33. katie w

    We are going with the branches invites for our october wedding! It would be amazing to win!

  34. katie w

    and i LIKE you on facebook!

  35. Penny

    I think Banner and Branches is my fave!

  36. Penny

    And I friended you!

  37. Penny

    I also RTed you!

  38. Rhian

    We love the fireflies invitation set! Perfect for our rustic outdoor wedding!

  39. Rhian

    I am already a fan on Facebook! That’s how I found out about this awesome giveaway!

  40. Rhian

    I am now a follower on Twitter and I tweeted about the giveaway. @JASIVRAS

  41. Sue

    The fireflies invitation set is really cute. I would love to win the set for my daughter’s wedding!

  42. Julie K

    I really love: Cocktail Hour, Tonality and The Happy Couple. In fact, all of your stationery is absolutely gorgeous.

  43. Leslie R

    I adore Bloom, Museum, and Float & Sweetie Stripe! I used the current 3 free samples promo to get a sample of each because I just couldn’t decide. Thanks for the promo code…how perfect! I would be thrilled to win a set!

  44. Celine

    I love all your stationery! But especially the fireflies in lobelia.
    And, I friended you on facebook!

  45. Anthony

    My fiance has been making bunting (is that what you call it??) for months, and I know she would love the barn party invitations. Fingers crossed!

  46. Jenny

    I am drooling over the banners & branches…love these quirky yet classic invites!

  47. Jenny

    I just liked you on facebook…figure I should try to double my odds!

  48. Sacha

    The Winter Flourish design has the perfect mix of elegance and urbanity! I love it.

  49. Kate R.

    I love Pearls on a String! (And I liked you on Facebook!)

  50. Karen

    Oooh, I love the Block Print Waves, and the Air Mail, and the Faraway Destination Wedding…and that’s just from the first two pages! Obviously I’d have to get my fiance’s input, too…there are so many to choose from!
    If I were on Facebook, I would definitely friend you. Same goes with Twitter. Does that count?

  51. annie

    im utterly in love with the “just my type” wedding invitation suite! so clean and simple but with so much elegance.

  52. Ginnie

    Too hard to pick just one!! Fling, Kristin, and Celebrate are my favorites!

  53. annie

    i’m utterly in love with the ‘just my type’ suite! its simple, clean, and above all – elegant- just like i hope my wedding will be πŸ™‚

  54. Ginnie

    and I friended you!

  55. Ginnie

    AND I tweeted about the contest!! (@artsy_mv)

  56. Allyson

    I have so many favorites that it’s hard to choose but the one that I keep coming back too is the fireflies and mason jar one. I think that will be so cute for our farm wedding.

  57. Nicole

    LOVEEE the Vintage Ranch Wedding! Perfect for my backyard themed wedding! Swoooooon <3

  58. Nicole

    and I friended you πŸ™‚

  59. Allyson

    And I friended you.

  60. Lindsey Boxer

    My favorite by far is Orange Blossoms Wedding Invitations! Our wedding is at a Farmer’s Market in Florida, so the orange blossoms would be perfect! I also am now following on Facebook and Twitter!

  61. Heather

    i can’t decide between the Soiree Wedding Invitations
    and the Mr. Laurence Wedding Invitations. They are both so adorable!!! it will be hard to decide both at least i can’t go wrong…and i friended you πŸ™‚

  62. Morgan C

    My favorite is the Fireflies Wedding invites! Our wedding is outside and having our song played, which is Fireflies! These would be perfect!! I follow yall on twitter and facebook!

  63. Kasey

    Love, love, love the Fall Carving! Perfect for our fall wedding = )

  64. Frederika Kaiser

    I love the \Finally\ Wedding invitation. So adorable!

  65. Frederika Kaiser

    I love the “Finally” wedding invitation! So adorable!

  66. Renee

    I love the fireflies. absolutely beautiful, different, memorable and fun yet classic.

  67. Amber

    I really like “fireflies”.

  68. Amber

    I “liked” you on Facebook as well!

  69. I absolutely love, love, LOVE the Summers Eve Collection by pottsdesign. I also ‘liked’ you on Facebook =)

  70. Michelle

    Banner & Branches!!! It would fit perfect with our Smog Shoppe wedding!!!! I “liked” you guys on facebook. I wish I could like you guys a million times to up my chances hehe.

  71. Angela Morgan

    My favorite design is the Tulips Are Better Than One!

  72. Rebecca L

    the adore the under the tree wedding invitation. beauteous.

  73. Rebecca L

    and i friended you πŸ™‚

  74. Lauren

    Love the winter flourish invitation design!! I also ‘liked’ on facebook! Thanks for the chances to win!

  75. Kayleigh

    I’m having trouble deciding between two very different styled invites! I love the Bold Brackets invite and the Banner and Branches invite too!

    I friended minted on facebook as well!

  76. Jess S

    Oh my goodness — I’d been pretty set on just doing our own invites, but the “Vintage Ranch” invites are pretty much perfect! (Although the “Finally” and “Banner and Branches” designs are also extremely pretty…) Wow.

  77. erikam

    I love the Barn Party cards. The Bunting is so cool!

  78. Isabelle

    although i’d like one of each and hand them out in a “collect them all” style…I think banner and branches in soft black is my favorite

  79. Sarah

    I LOVE the Float & Spring Shades invite! I friended you on facebook! πŸ™‚

  80. Bethany

    I really love the Vintage Ranch Wedding Invitations…and I friended you on facebook.

  81. Sarah

    I love the Rustic, Banner, Sundance and Fling. And I friended you. πŸ™‚

  82. Beth K.

    I love the Smart Conversation…but don’t hold me to that. There are too many fantastic options to choose!

  83. Jaci

    I loveeeeee “love lettered” wedding invitations. The pacific color scheme is perfect match for the colors of our wedding!.. And I friended you

  84. Jennifer

    I love the star maps and under the tree. I also facebook friended you.

  85. Karen A.

    I liked the happy couple wedding invites. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  86. crystal

    i just can’t get the firefly’s and the kiss + stache designs out of my head! love them both!

  87. crystal

    i also liked/friended you on facebook!

  88. Stefanie

    Wow, it’s so hard to choose a favorite, but I think mine would be The Square Types suite. So modern and chic!

  89. Tanya E.

    I love the fireflies one, And I friended you on facebook!

  90. Jessica Watson

    We fell in love with the Just My Type invitation suite. It will be absolutely perfect for our Old Hollywood wedding… and I friended you!

  91. Hillary

    I adore the Fireflies collection! They would be just perfect for our wedding!

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  93. Hillary

    I love the vintage ranch wedding! The whimsical and elegant feel of these invitations are SO special. They are freaking adorable and any guest would be so pumped to get one of these in the mail!

  94. Caitlyn

    I am loving the white vintage lace among others!

  95. Shaelyn

    I loooove the banner and branches invitation! But it’s so hard to choose, they’re all lovely!

  96. Lyndi Lou

    I love minted! The Bold Brackets, the Air Mail, and the Fireflies are my favorites, but with all those amazing designs, it’s hard to choose!
    Also, I friended you on facebook! Whoo!

  97. Janette Flowers

    So many great invites to choose from, you make it hard. I’m in love with the Ashley Wedding Invitations by Wiley Valentine – I’ll lose my last name “FLOWERS” once married so I love invites that have flowers on them. I’ll be waiting on you announcing the winners!!!I friended you on facebook too!!!

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  99. Erin

    So tough to choose, but I love the simplicity of Just My Type. I also liked you on facebook!

  100. Ann C.

    WILLOW TREE love!

  101. Jessica

    I love Banner and Branch – my fingers are crossed!

  102. Chaz

    No question, it’s all about The Square Types—I am obsessed with the graphic white and black backer. It’s just too chic!

  103. Chaz

    And I just friended Minted on facebook and tweeted about the giveaway!

  104. Caitlin

    I love minted and just received samples that are more than I ever expected! I facebooked minted and tweeted you!

  105. Karrie

    I’m absolutely in love the with Banner and Branches Wedding by Alethea and Ruth. I’m also excited about our new Facebook friendship.

  106. Ashley

    I love the Winter Flourish! I also friended you!

  107. Ashley

    I love the winter flourish! and I friended you on facebook. πŸ™‚

  108. Raquel P.

    The “Nestled” invitations are my favorite! I also just “liked” you on Facebook and Tweeted about my faves! Bravo on the whole collection, beautiful!

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  110. Kellie

    We adore Come Together! The monogram is so unique and we definitely want our invites to “wow” our guests. Thanks MINTED!

  111. Cyndel

    I love LOVE the Fall Carving Set! I friended you on Facebook!

  112. The Fireflies are magical! Love them!

  113. mariel

    I just adore the charming go lightly wedding invites!

  114. I liked Minted on Facebook via La Medusa and love the fireflies!

  115. Kate A

    I love the vintage ranch Wedding invites so much!

  116. What a FABULOUS giveaway! I love all things Minted (seriously, I do), but I think my favorite invitation right now is “fireflies” or “Charming Go Lightly.” As a bonus, my favorite save the date is “Midnight Vineyard.” πŸ™‚

  117. Jenni

    So awesomeeeeeee!!

  118. Jenni

    Fantatic invites!!

  119. Hayley Rose

    my favorite invitation is the Mr. Laurence Wedding Invitations by Moglea. They’re so classy and simple but still cool for the non-traditional bride.
    I also friended minted on facebook and tweeted!

  120. Alison

    We love the Banner and Branch design for our wedding! Can’t wait to order.

  121. Ryan

    Alison’s beau here, Banner and Branch for us (in black). Really diggin’ it!

  122. Heather

    Madly in love with the Fireflies. It reminds me of my parents place, which is where we’re getting married.

  123. Sasha S.

    I LOVE the Winter Flourish invitations. So classic and elegant. I liked you on Facebook too.

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  125. Mallory

    I absolutely adore the Ethereal wedding invitations by Sarah Brown!

  126. Cody

    Mallory’s fiance tuning in to say… We loved the Ethereal wedding invitations!

  127. Mallory

    I also “liked” you on facebook… I have always liked Minted but now it is “facebook official” πŸ™‚

  128. Anna Ha

    My favorite is the Mr. Laurence Wedding invite! Thank you.

  129. Rachel T

    I adore the “Ever After” design!

  130. Clara G

    I love the Garden Syndrome Wedding Invitations!!

  131. Nikki P

    I have fad my eye on the “Fall Carving” wedding invites for over a week now & I just ran across this contest from! Meant to be! Oooo, I’d so love to win!

  132. Nikki P

    *& I AM A NEW FB FAN :]

    *& who mistypes the word ‘had’?! Me :[

  133. Sherry Hart

    I liked the Finally. So cute!

  134. Sherry Hart

    I liked you on facebook!

  135. Melanie D

    I love your designs! Banners and Branches is my pick! Competition or not, this has been my pick for our invitations! Winning your competition would make this Aussie girl so happy!

  136. Fay

    So many great designs, but I like the apple blossom design best.

  137. Alyssa D.

    My favorite is the “love struck Wedding Invitations.” Simply nice :).

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  139. Caroline K

    I friended you on Facebook!

  140. Caroline K

    We love the fireflies invitation in the blue!

  141. janegoldenarms

    I tweeted about this awesome giveaway!

  142. My favorite collection is the modern edge wedding invitations! Grey and yellow are my colors, it’s bold and engaging.

  143. j.o.

    Hands down: The Smart Conversation Wedding Invitations. Playful yet chic. I love it!

  144. j.o.

    I liked you on Facebook πŸ™‚

  145. Cindy Wang

    My favorite is the Swanky Hotel Wedding by Wiley Valentine!

  146. Elizabeth P.

    I love the Amy wedding design– so unigue and special!

  147. Elizabeth P.

    I “liked” Minted on Facebook as well.

  148. Candice

    I love Minted! I tweeted about this awesome giveaway and I friended you on Facebook!

  149. Candice

    I love Minted! My favorites from the new collection are ‘Wedding by Numbers’ and ‘Mr. Laurence’. I tweeted about this awesome giveaway and I friended you on Facebook!

  150. We love the Circles Invitations. (and I liked you on facebook)

  151. Jennifer

    We love the Fireflies invitations:)

  152. Stanley T.

    the happy couple wedding invitations by r studio

  153. asmb

    the intricate wedding invitations, in lavender.

  154. Liz

    I love the Picture Perfect invitations! It actually looks like something guests would want to save as compared to so many other invitations that will inevitably wind up in the trash. It also reminds me of this photo scavenger hunt I’m making DIY for the reception:
    Also, I liked you on Facebook.

  155. Liz

    I guess I should have put separately, I like you on Facebook.

  156. Katie

    My favorite is the Banner and Branches Wedding Suite.

    And I friended you!

  157. Carrie McCurry

    I am smitten for the Modern Classic in Golden Bear!

  158. Carrie McCurry

    And I “liked” you on Facebook!

  159. Carrie McCurry

    and I tweeted about Minted!

  160. Claire B.

    My favorite are the Edenbridge Wedding Invitations––my husband-to-be is a geographer and we both have a fondness for travel, so this reflects our personalities and passions πŸ™‚

  161. Melissa

    My favorite is the celebrate florals!!!

  162. Marissa

    I love Alethea and Ruth designs. So up my alley!

  163. Marissa

    AND I just friended Mint on Facebook!

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  165. Nicole L.

    I ADORE the firefly invites!

  166. Nicole L.

    and I friended you on facebook!!

  167. Heather R.

    How do you choose just one?? They are all so amazing! My two favorites are the Calligraphy Collection and the Classic Prep. They both would work perfectly for the romantic and simply elegant wedding we envision.

  168. Heather R.

    oh, and i “like” you on facebook!

  169. Lauren E.

    I “liked” you on facebook and like the lover letter wedding invitations πŸ™‚

  170. Jen

    My fiance and I adore the Ornate Love design… it’s so perfectly vintage and romantic. And we know our guests will love it the moment they open the envelope πŸ™‚

  171. Jen

    And I “liked” Minted on facebook! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  172. Holly F

    It was really hard to decide but my favorite collection has to be the knobbly blooms wedding invitations! Also, I added you on facebook :]

  173. sarahk

    I love!!! fireflies, it goes exactly with our rustic vintage theme and all of the mason jars we are using.

  174. Paulina

    I love the Elizabeth adn Cameron invite:( So romantic and pretty!

  175. Beth Marie

    Oh my! It’s so hard to choose! I am torn between “Midnight Vineyard” (perfect for my own vineyard wedding) and the simplicity of “The Happy Couple” and “Cocktail Hour.” I’m kinda dying for “Cocktail Hour,” I gotta say. It reminds me of a party invitation my Mom made once in the very best way.

  176. Beth Marie

    Aaaand, I totally friended/liked/still-like you on Facebook.

  177. Vicki L

    i love the winter flourish invitation. i’m so glad that is in existence for my wedding. the pool of designers is amazing, and i can’t wait to use these invitations for my upcoming wedding, bridal shower, and more! i also friended you.

  178. nik

    Sweet bananas! …so many talented designers! My favorite would have to be Smart Conversation Wedding Invitations by pottsdes.

  179. nik

    oops…that should be pottsdesign. Thanks!

  180. Billie Adamick

    I am completely in love with happy couple wedding invitations. I friended you on facebook !!

  181. Jana Rogers

    I LoVe everything! Cocktail Hour and Rustic Type are exceptionally cute!

  182. Jana Rogers

    Oh and I liked you on Facebook!

  183. Jana Rogers

    Oh I just saw Bold Brackets and Mr. Laurence! All amazing!

  184. Paula

    I love winter flourish

  185. melissa

    SOO many beautiful one’s I’m not sure how I would decide!. I have more than one favorite… the “Knobbly Blooms”, the “Mr.Lawrence” and the thumb print”Hearts”. Adding to facebook right now!

  186. peyton

    I love the vintage ranch invites! Also friended on facebook

  187. Rebecca K.

    So tough to decide! It’s a toss up between “Parisian Grammar School” and the “Grey Sugar Stripe”

  188. Rebecca K.

    “liked” you on facebook!

  189. Haley Busbey

    I “like” you on facebook and am now following you on twitter! I LOVE “The Gramercy” by Cheree Berry Paper! Its so pretty!

  190. Jessica

    I love the charming go lightly. And I friended you on facebook!

  191. Leigh

    Charming Go Lightly is my style and I like you on FB!

  192. Jessica

    Stache + Kiss Wedding Invitations – Love them!

    I liked you on FB too πŸ™‚

  193. Jodi

    the storybook invitation is my favorite, hands down the most unique i’ve seen in awhile.

  194. Rachel Rodrick

    Journey Together wedding is perfect for Kev and I, it’s super fun with the tandom bike. I also “friended” you on Facebook.

  195. Courtney

    Midnight Vineyard Wedding…love it and in our color!I friended you too!

  196. Dina

    Spanish lace and our wedding love and And now are my favorites I also liked u on facebook. Thanks

  197. Meena Mathis

    I LIKE Minted on Facebook!!!

  198. Meena Mathis

    I love the Midnight Vineyard Design by Design Lotus. Totally fits my wedding!

  199. Meena Mathis

    I just tweeted about this awesome giveaway! I hope i win!

  200. Lida

    I heart Modern Tweed. It’s lovely.

  201. Lida

    I also tweeted about this giveaway!

  202. Kayla Martins

    I liked you on facebook and tweeted about the giveaway as well!!

    It is so hard to pick from one of the many gorgeous designs but I’d definitely go with Mr. Laurence wedding invitations. So unique!

  203. L

    Liked on facebook, twitter, and here’s my comment! πŸ˜€
    So hard to pick one, but I think I like the modern crest invitations

  204. Andrea F.

    I love the Charming Go Lightly wedding invites. Classic and formal!

  205. Andrea F.

    I followed and tweeted!! πŸ™‚

  206. Jen

    So many amazing and beautiful choices! I really love the Fireflies invitation. So perfect for my late summer rustic wedding.

    Jen W

  207. Jen

    I like you on Facebook!

  208. Jen

    Follow you on twitter and retweeted the contest!
    Crossing my fingers πŸ™‚

  209. lindsey

    I love the float and strip invites in pink πŸ™‚

  210. Kim K

    Awesome! I love sweet linen.

  211. Amber

    I love Fall Tranquility… and Fireflies. They are both so beautiful, I can’t decide right now.

  212. Kim K

    I followed on twitter and retweeted!

  213. Amber

    and I follow on facebook!

  214. Ashley

    I love the “Fling Wedding Invitations” and of course I follow on facebook!

  215. Kristin

    I LOVE Fall tranquility!! and I tweeted about this!! =)

  216. lizzay2

    I adore Amy Wedding “Invitations.” I also friended you and I tweeted about this awesome giveaway.

  217. lizzay2

    I now fallow you on Facebook πŸ™‚

  218. Kfloveinme

    It was very hard to choose but I would have to say the Ashley Wedding Invitations. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!

  219. Kfloveinme

    I tweeted about this awesome giveaway @mskenyaf

  220. Kfloveinme

    And I friended you on Facebook…Kenya G.

  221. Jessica

    I love love LOVE the banner and branches by Alethea and Ruth and soooooo many more! Minted was a great find πŸ™‚ And I “liked” your facebook page and I tweeted about this fantastic giveaway! πŸ™‚ March 20th is my birthday…I’m just saying πŸ˜‰

  222. Margaux

    I would love to have either Bold Brackets, Celebrate Florals or Sweet Linen as my invites – just lovely!!

    I also friended on Facebook πŸ™‚

  223. Kathy Cipriani

    I love the elegant flourish wedding invitations! So pretty and classic.

    And I friended on Facebook and followed on Twitter!

  224. Midnight Vineyard is my favorite!

  225. I “friended” you!

  226. Janelle

    I love ALL of them! It’s so hard to choose one! But my fiance and I both love Knobbly Blooms. I friended you too!

  227. Maude Leroux

    All the invitation are beautiful but my favorite is the quotemarks in love.

  228. Kim

    I love all of them! I’m having a hard time deciding between Winter Flourish and Charming Go Lightly, but I think I’ll have to go with Winter Flourish.

  229. Kim

    I tweeted about this giveaway (@k4a36) and I friended you on facebook!

  230. Sara

    I love them all, but HEART PRINT is my favorite. So simple and meaningful.

  231. Holly

    I would happily use any of these invites, they are all great, but I have a special love Mr. Laurence!

  232. Emily

    I love the Mr. Laurence Wedding Invitations. I saw it on a wedding blog a week or so ago and fell in love πŸ™‚ I also liked you on Facebook. If I had twitter, I would tweet away!

  233. maria

    love the fireflies one!

  234. maria

    liked on facebook! maria d

  235. Lauren C

    I love the Mr. Laurence Wedding Invitations and friended you on FB πŸ™‚

  236. Craig Alpaugh

    I follow you on Twitter @SouthrnFriBride

  237. Craig Alpaugh

    I “like” your Facebook page

  238. Craig Alpaugh

    My favorite design is Tulips are better than one.

  239. Sharon A

    I like Charming Go Lightly

  240. Warren

    My favorite is Winter Flourish

  241. Georgia

    My favorite is “Banner and Branches”, I am following you on Twitter also. thank you!

  242. Jessica P.

    My most fav is “Winter Flourish” in black and white! Gorgeous, elegant and playful (and matches my wedding colors/theme). Definitely my #1 pick!

  243. Jessica P.

    I’m also following Minted on Twitter! πŸ™‚ @JayKayP

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  339. tracy rank

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