Special Editor’s Picks of The Stay In Touch Business Card Challenge

The Stay In Touch Business Card Challenge is Minted’s first challenge in the business card category and all of us here at Minted have been itching to see what Minted designers come up with. Minted designers have always pushed the envelope when it comes to original design and this challenge proved to be no exception.  We were so impressed with all of the designs! As with every challenge, Mariam (Minted’s Founder & CEO) and a group of Minted design staff came together to pick out the Special Editor’s Picks and the Runners Up in each design category. For this challenge, the categories are “Best Business Service”, “Best Personalized Calling Card”, “Best Business Card or Calling Card that incorporates a photo”, “Best Creative Professional”, “Best Food”, “Best Service” and “Best Home & Garden”. In addition to the Special Editor’s Picks, we are also proud to announce the “Customer Favorite” as voted by Minted customers!

Best Business Service:

Fileshare by Maddy Nye. We absolutely love the use of bold colors and the half-tone dot pattern to create the stacked file folders in this design.

Fileshare by Maddy Nye

Runners up for Best Business Service

Best Personalized Calling Card:

Vintage Treatment by Julie Green/ Up Up Creative. The bold initial jumps right out in this design. We also couldn’t resist the circle and stripes combination!

Vintage Treatment by Julie Green / Up Up Creative

Runners up for Best Personalized Calling Card

Best Business Card or Calling Card that incorporates a photo:

Call My People by Ann Gardner. Here, we are rewarding the clever and funny copy that Ann Gardner wrote.  Plus there is nothing cuter than imagining what a chubby baby would say if they were able to talk.

Call My People by Ann Gardner

Runners up for Best Business Card or Personalized Calling Card that incorporates a photo

Best Creative Professional:

i like to write copywriter card by Chica Design. We are smitten with the rustic handcrafted typeface in this design, not to mention the clever “Lorem Ipsum” text in the background. A creative design that celebrates people who like to write.

i like to write copywriter by Chica Design

Runners up for Best Creative Professional

Best Food:

Sizzling Kitchen by chocomoccacino. We have a penchant for contrast and this design has just that. The vintage style typography is made fresh by using modern colors and clean geometric illustrations.

Sizzling Kitchen by chocomoccacino

Runners up for Best Food

Best Service:

Love to Learn by Nocciola Design. The vertically positioned pencils on the backer make us want to go to school again. The glyph on the “a” adds a subtle personal touch to the typeface.

Love to Learn by Nocciola Design

Runners up for Best Service

Best Home & Garden:

Circular by Nocciola Design. We simply adore the elegant typeface on the front.  The backer completes this design with a mid century yet modern pattern.

Circular by Noccioloa Design

Runners up for Best Home & Garden

Customer Favorite:

Minted customers voted for Clean Cut Florals by Alethea and Ruth. This design has clean and modern typography on the front, perfectly complimented by an unexpected bold and beautiful floral pattern on the back that feels like an updated version of William Morris’ botanical patterns. Simply perfect for floral enthusiasts.

Clean Cut Florals by Alethea and Ruth

Runners up for Customer Favorite

  1. Cecile

    Congrats to all the winners ! wonderful designs!

  2. Anita

    Congrats to all the winners! What fabulous designs!

  3. Meg G.

    Yay! Congrats everybody….so many wonderful designs here.

  4. Natasha

    Wow!!! The abundance of creativity–both in terms of design and concept–on this page is overwhelming!!

  5. alston

    these are so fun to look at — congrats to all!

  6. I love all the patterns & illustrations!!! Congratulations to all the winners & runner ups!

  7. Hailey M

    Congrats everyone!!So much inspiration in this challenge!!

  8. Congrats to all! There are some really lovely designs here!

  9. Sydney

    These are all just amazing!! People are going to flip over these designs!!

  10. Super fun designs. Congrats to all the talented winners 🙂

  11. Would love to see custom business card designs as an option on Minted!

  12. Zoe P.

    I wish I could have one of each! They are all amazing.

  13. OMG these are seriously incredible! I waver back and forth if I should get b cards for my blog/site but seeing these makes me want to splurge and get incredible ones! I think my favorite is the play date ones. So clever and fun!!!!

  14. Me and my friend own a printing company in NY and this would be really cool to show with my workers. Looking forward to seeing their opinion 😉

    Brittney Karns