Save the Date Top Model winners.

All of the incredible entries in our Facebook Top Model Save the Date Contest were just so adorable! It got us completely in the the mood for Valentine’s Day. Fresh love is just so inspiring!

A big congratulations to all the winners, whose lovely faces you’ll soon be seeing on the pages of Minted’s Save the Dates. Read on for some tips on how to take stunning couple portraits. From left to right, top to bottom:

1. A nice wooden door never fails to be a warm and inviting backdrop. From Katie, By Betsy Wall Photography

2. Scarves are a cozy touch! Don’t be afraid to mix patterns; plaid and argyle have never looked better. From Kimberly, By Orange Turtle Photography

3. What gal doesn’t like being swept off her feet? In suede boots no less. Meghan is in training to be a vet and her fiance is a farmer so the field was very reflective of their love of the outdoors. From Meghan. By Suzanne Carey Photography

4. This is nothing short of a genuine cuddle. It’s amazing the ‘pop’ achieved from just a few stripes! From Tracy, By Bella Photography

5. A collage is perfect when you want to show a sequence of great moments and/or you can’t decide on just one. The shearling / corduroy combo is amazing. From Jess, By Yvonne-Wong

6. Don’t you want a yellow coat now? Skylines create a sense of place and always make for nice backdrops. From Flora, By Leo Patrone Photography

7. Making a heart while enjoying a smooch is a classic shot! From Alia, By Apostrophe Studios

8. Encourage your photographer to get creative with the lighting. And it’s okay for you not to be in the center–and in fact that actually works best with some of our full-bleed photo designs. From Alison

9. Take a leisurely stroll and just chat about whatever is on your mind and you’ll end up with a very natural shot. From McCall, by David Burke

10. Brick is another fantastic background. From Caitlin, By Nani Oei Photography

11. I like how the couple is in focus and the harbor is just fading away. And I love their shoes sitting so naturally next to them. From Farren, by Millie Holloman Photography

11. Again, I love mixing patterns here while staying in the blue palette. And it’s nice to get back to seeing the ring in the pic! From Jessica, By Margaret Newton Photography

12. Doesn’t it just make your day when the barista makes a heart in your latte?! I think this is perfect for caffeine lovers. Think about what little things really make life worth living. From Diana, By Ja Tecson

13. Okay, there is nothing wrong with just a classic, straight-forward shot of two beautiful people! Sometimes simple really is best. And I like how she is looking up at him! From Monica, By Christine Hall

14. Pay attention to what you do with your hands. And make sure you’re wearing your favorite watch. From Kelli, By Victor Rosas

15. Get your feet wet! Beach frolics are the best. Enough said. From Deena, By Studio Foto

17. Remember to lean into one another. Clipping a piece of your hair back can really help frame your face. From Kate, By Sarah Hildebrandt

18. Steps are wonderful places to shoot. Don’t be afraid to wear your favorite red dress!! His black sweater really lets his lady shine. From Regina, By Inbal Sivan

19. Get creative with your messaging! And include something that he loves, like his truck featured prominently. From Jaimee

20. After all is said and done, try it out in black and white. From Julie, By Emma Freeman Photography

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Find more of Natasha on her blog.

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  2. Cindy

    so glad that Kim’s picture was chosen! 🙂

  3. Caitlin

    Thanks for selecting one of our photos! So excited to see it soon on

  4. Caitlin

    Thanks for selecting our photo! So excited to see it on soon.

  5. Joyce Skowronski

    #15- Deena & Pete -They are the symbol of love – so refreshing & unique.