Special Winners of the Happily Ever After Wedding Challenge

You’ve heard it before, but it’s worth saying again. The submissions to the Happily Ever After wedding challenge gave us a tough challenge ourselves – it was incredibly difficult to pick the winners of our special awards.  Hence, we decided to show you not only the winner, but the runners up for each award.  Each winner will receive a $300 cash award, plus 5% commission on all net sales…

Best Whimsical Design

Stache + Kiss” by Penelope Poppy pays homage to the quirky chivalry of mustaches and a pouty lip – perfect for a couple who takes fun very seriously. We’ve seen the moustache trend invoked in a variety of ways, but this particular design struck us as particularly playful and well-composed.

Runner Ups for Best Whimsical Design

Best Fresh Take on a Classic

Wedding Type” by Emily Ranneby won our pick for “Best Fresh Take on a Classic.” Playing to her strengths, Emily impressed us with her elegant typesetting and use of Kewl Script to add a South American or European flair to the design.  Not your grandmother’s black-and-white wedding invitation!

Runner Ups for Best Fresh Take on a Classic

Best Modern/Bold/Typographic

Emily of Pottsdesign is well-known for her illustrative prowess (check out her incredible calendar design, Billboard), but she possesses an equal strength in strong, bold typographic work, such as in her design, “Type Stack.” By styling her type with a strong geometric flavor and softening it with warm greys and magentas, she created a stunning, modern invitation.

Runner Ups for Best Modern/Bold/Typographical Design

Best Outdoors/Nature Inspired

Romantic Ripple” by Sweet Tree Studio was unexpected – a water design that was not beach-y. This design’s concentric circles convey the feeling of rain drops on a pond.  Sensuous, dreamy, and romantic, we felt that this design really made a splash.

Runner Ups for Best Outdoors/Nature-Inspired Design

Best Couple’s Name/Monogram

For a lesson in “white space,” look no further than Kelli Hall’sLove Lettered,” a type-driven design that took our breath away.  The tangerine and plum color palette feels warm and happy, while the expertly laid out text balances beautifully against a clean, white background. Unpretentious, and neither overtly feminine nor masculine, this confident, gorgeous design elegantly showcases a couple and their togetherness.

Runner Ups for Best Couple's Name/Monogram

Best Beach/Destination

In the hands of Paper Plains (aka Sarah Lenger), the most delicate and dreamy aspects of water come to life. In her design, “modern beach,” the “feeling” of the beach is conveyed powerfully, and we found ourselves entranced by the “soft movement in blues and greens.”  Sarah describes her design as “mimicking the receding ocean on a beach” but we’d be happy to gaze at this design all day and let our minds wander to any ocean destination that comes to mind.

Runner Ups for Best Beach/Destination Design

Best Newbie

We were charmed by how Sunnyvale, California-based designer, Ling, channeled an oftentimes spoken phrase and turned it on its head.  Sure, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but when you meet “the only fish for me,” that’s love. Please join us in welcoming Ling to the community.

Runner Ups for Best Newbie

Customer’s Choice

The customer’s choice award was awarded to Amy of Design Lotus. Click here to read more about the special prize she’ll earn for being a customer favorite.

Congratulations everyone! Next up (and the final award) is the Judge’s Pick…

  1. Though I didn’t participate in this round, I loved this challenge! The submissions were outstanding! I’ve never given out so many 5’s.

  2. Karen Glenn

    Congrats to all of you for your fantastic work!

  3. Meg G.

    Yay! Congrats to all. There were many many lovely designs in this challenge.

  4. Laura

    Big congrats- all great designs! Nice to see the runners up too- there really were so many awesome designs to choose from!

  5. Sydney

    Congrats! I love that scooter design at the top – it is too cute!!

  6. Ling

    Thank you to Minted for the opportunity!!! I am still in shock and amazed at how I got noticed among all the other amazing designs!

  7. Alisa

    Stache + Kiss makes me want to get married all over again! So many fabulous designs – you make it so hard to pick just one. An excuse for lots of parties….

  8. Elizabeth

    Will the runners up be featured on the website as well? I really love some of them!

  9. Amy

    I love every one of these! Can I get married again?

  10. Katherine

    @Elizabeth — yes, all of these designs will be available for sale this winter!