Coming of Age: No. 5

We’ve had some really nice sweet sixteen and confirmation invitations in our countdown, but this is our first Bat Mitzvah invitation and Fete by Annie Clark just couldn’t be more perfect for this category debut.
I love how elegant this design is and certainly, orange and magenta and gray just look incredible together! I think this would appeal to mother and daughter alike.

We’ve heard Annie talk about typography again and again here on the blog, but it’s certainly a message that bears repeating. Here, Compendium and Mrs. Eaves work exceptionally well together. Compendium is certainly the star, while the Mrs. plays a supporting role. In particular, I think the ‘E’ and lower case ‘z’ look incredible.

A little history for fun on Compendium, courtesy of

  • It’s from Alejandro Paul, the same designer who created Burques, and is in fact it’s sequel. Although Alejandro  actually considers it Compendium to be Burques’s prequel, which makes sense because it is a bit lighter, slightly less ornamental and generally more grounded.
    • “Though Compendium has a naturally more normalized, Spencerian flow, its elegance, expressiveness, movement and precision are no less adventurous than Burgues. Nearing 700 glyphs, its character set contains plenty of variation in each letter, and many ornaments for letter beginnings, endings, and some that can even serve to envelope entire words with swashy calligraphic wonder.”
  • Alejandro Paul is one of the founders of the Sudtipos project, the first Argentinean type foundry collective. He taught graphic design and typography at the Universidad de Buenos Aires from 1996 until 2004 and has worked as an art director in prestigious Argentina-based studios.
  • Surprisingly, the font is only a few years old!

Find more of Natasha on her blog.

  1. Carrie O.

    Congrats Annie! I think this was one of the first entries in the entire competition…and definitely one of the best!

  2. Jessica Y

    Congrats!! It’s really pretty 🙂

  3. Yolanda

    Beautiful design, congratulations Annie 🙂

  4. Karen Glenn

    Still gorgeous, Annie!

  5. Laura

    Yep, this was one of the first and remained one of the best the whole way through! Congrats Annie- beautiful!

  6. Brooke


  7. Amy E

    Annie does it again! Congrats!

  8. stacey day

    agree with everyone else – still a great design. congrats!

  9. annie

    thank you! thank you!

  10. Sydney


  11. Paige

    No doubt this will be a big seller! Congrats!

  12. Sandra Pons

    Love this! Congrats Annie!