Joy Photo Contest Finalists

All of us at Minted had a great time looking through all the entries in our Joy photo contest.  Every single photo brought a smile to our face, and definitely got us in the holiday spirit. Thank you to everyone who shared a photo with us or chimed in with a “like” or “comment” about which photo they thought best embodied the spirit of “joy.”

It was a difficult decision, but we have chosen the five finalists below based on a combination of Facebook comments and internal voting. Now we’re leaving it up to you to select the winner.

To vote for your favorite photo, simply leave a comment below letting us know which photo you think should win. (One comment per person, please.) The photo with the most number of comments posted during the “voting” period will win the top prize. Please leave your comment by 11:59 pm PST on Thursday, 10/14. We will announce the winning photo on Friday, 10/15.

The winning photo will win cash (up to $300) toward a professional photography session, as well as $250 credit towards our gorgeous holiday cards, designed by independent designers from around the world and printed on thick, luxurious paper. The remaining four finalists will each win $100 toward holiday cards.

On Friday, we will also be announcing guest judge Joy the Baker’s pick. The winner of the judge’s award will win $200 toward our holiday cards.

Presenting, the finalists of the Joy photo contest…

Finalist A -- "Joy is having a best friend who happens to be your twin"

Finalist B -- "Elvin II decides to jump for joy everytime Auntie 'E' comes over."

Finalist C -- "Joy is wondering what they are thinking about."

Finalist D -- "Joy is getting an unexpected hug from someone you KNOW loves you!"

Finalist E -- "joy is.. autumn walks with your most loyal and precious friend ♥"

Find more of Katherine on her blog.

  1. Tanya

    Finalist B! That made me giggle 🙂

  2. Alison

    I love B!!!!

  3. Yolanda

    B! B! B!… that photo is so darn cute

  4. Mallory

    I LOVE B!!!!

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  6. Paige

    Tough choice! But I’m going with C – she’s so darling!

  7. Amy E

    I going with C. That expression on her face is priceless.

  8. Amanda

    Love A!

  9. Carrie

    Omg A!!! Love Love Love!!

  10. Lesley


  11. Laura Kate

    A is awesome!!! Love it!

  12. Bailey

    A is my favorite too!

  13. Lesley


  14. Lesley


  15. Lesley


  16. Dave

    “A” too cute!

  17. Katie

    A–Super cute!

  18. Kat

    Going with “A”!

  19. Anne

    I think “A” is so sweet!

  20. Megan

    “A” is just TOO cute!!

  21. Krystal

    A! 😀

  22. Krysta

    A, definitely.

  23. Selena

    A! LOVE A! Definitely the best one!

  24. Meg G.

    C! She is so stinking adorable.

  25. Jessica F


  26. Sydney

    I have to say \A\. It’s just so naturally joyful.

  27. Gena

    I love finalist A! Sooooo adorable!

  28. Anng

    I think C is too perfect!

  29. kim

    LOVE A!! Wish I had a twin growing up 🙂

  30. Chavon

    LOVE A!!!!

  31. Schaneon

    I think A is perfect!

  32. Jen

    A…so cute!!

  33. Kim Turner

    I have to say A definitely!! What happy kids! Made me smile just to see them having so much fun!

  34. D'Anza

    A…what a great picture of two beautiful twins!

  35. Maura

    Finalist B – so much JOY!

  36. SG

    Love picture A

  37. Amanda

    All the finalists are adorable but A is a priceless moment!

  38. Ali

    A! So cute.

  39. Aisling

    A… PRECIOUS! 🙂 so cute!

  40. Iris Sabrina

    Gotta be E. Kids are adorable and all that…constant joys in my opinion. But there’s something amazing about taking a walk with your dog. Keeps you sane, makes you laugh, calms you down, and makes you feel loved all at the same time. 🙂

  41. Geoffrey Ashford

    E. Without question. The dog is soo cute!

  42. Monica Featherstone

    too cute

  43. Monica Featherstone

    just wonder what she is really thinking

  44. stacey

    Final C is beautiful

  45. stacey

    finalist C is beautiful!

  46. Michael T

    E is my favorite!

  47. Valeria Sagarnaga

    I picked you because I think you are the most beautiful girl….

  48. Valeria Sagarnaga

    I picked you, because your the most beautiful girl

  49. Valeria Sagarnaga

    i picked you because your the most beautiful

  50. Meagan Pearce

    Finalist C-Absolutely Gorgeous!

  51. Nile

    E! Look at that face, those eyes!

  52. Nile


  53. keri B.

    E!!!!!! How cute it that?!

  54. keri B.

    E!!!! How cute it that?!

  55. Pat R.

    E is my favorite — such love and loyalty revealed in those eyes! What a darling dog! Love those boots, too!

  56. Don R.

    E is it! Going for a walk with your dog — now that’s time well spent that brings joy to both you and your precious friend!

  57. Kathleen Schnobrich

    C is wonderful

  58. bv

    Love C

  59. Katrin P.

    C – she is my absolute favourite….so cute!!!!!

  60. Jacqueline K

    E!!!!!!! Adorable doggie and I LOVE those boots!! 🙂

  61. Josef H.

    Finalist C is my favourite !!

  62. Lucas

    \C\ Bringing warmth to the world!!!

  63. Drea E

    Finalist C warms my heart!

  64. Cuatro

    E for me!

  65. Rich


  66. Christine Roeske

    Most certainly “A”!

  67. Christy

    C! So cute!

  68. Katie Baccoli


  69. Kory

    C, she is sooo cute

  70. Alison

    I just want to squeeze C! She is adorable!!!

  71. Cari

    C- lovely

  72. Alison

    I love E! So precious!

  73. Paul

    E rocks!

  74. Baker

    Lovin E so much

  75. Hannah


  76. Stephanie

    E–so precious!!!

  77. Alisha

    D !

  78. kristy

    I LOVE D!!!! 🙂

  79. I vote for D!

  80. Amy

    Photo D is my favorite!

  81. Val

    E – what a great photo!! love it!

  82. Cori

    We want E to win!! Too cute!

  83. Wade

    E is unique and shows originality. I vote E!

  84. Lauren F.

    I vote D. How sweet!

  85. Misty

    D!!! They are adorable!!!

  86. Misty

    D!!! They are adorable!!

  87. Misty

    D is the BEST!! They are so adorable!!

  88. Shonda

    I love E!

  89. Suzie

    C-She looks so happy

  90. Destini

    D is Darling!

  91. Megan

    I love D! So sweet!

  92. Amy

    C is my favorite!!

  93. Marie

    D! 🙂

  94. Angela


  95. C.D.

    Definitely D!

  96. Amy

    I love E!

  97. Amy

    I like E, it’s different

  98. Noah

    E, definitely.

  99. Rebeka

    my vote is E all the way!!!!!!! that doggie is adorable, and i think most people on the planet can relate to the joy that a pet brings into our lives.

  100. Amy

    OK C is too cute…precious!!!

  101. Brant


  102. A! So sute!

  103. Suzy

    C – too cute.

  104. Strod

    E all the way!

  105. Michele

    I just love C! Adorable!

  106. Annie

    D is fantastic. 🙂

  107. Chris

    C! C! C!

  108. Jason

    Gotta be….C!

  109. Jen


  110. kp

    C all the way… too cute!!!

  111. hank

    I vote for C!

  112. julie

    i vote for “c”

  113. tricia

    I LOVE C.

  114. tricia


  115. Jason

    C for me!

  116. Chris

    C is for cute

  117. Angela B

    Love A!

  118. Allison

    Definately D!

  119. Lori

    My vote D..adorable!!

  120. Lori

    I vote for D..adorable kids!

  121. Susie bradley

    I think C is the very best! We never can really know what they are thinking but isn’t it wonderful to imagine!

  122. Faith


  123. Karen

    I absolutely love D. Definitely sweet.

  124. David

    I like the cute kids in D!

  125. Christina

    LUV C

  126. C is the winner. I love that kid!

  127. Holli

    D is so cute.

  128. Pam

    C is the winner……..

  129. Jill

    I vote for C!!!!

  130. Christine

    I absolutely love Finalist C\!!

  131. Sheri

    C captures the special nature of children

  132. Buzz

    C reminds me of one of my granddaughters

  133. Terry G

    E gets my vote!!! love love LOVE E 🙂 This is the most artistic photo and I think it conveys the true spirit of love and joy!

  134. Susan

    C What a sweet face

  135. Maureen

    I vote for C! So cute!

  136. Kelly

    I vote for c. Adorable photo

  137. barbara

    C! too cute, what is she thinking?

  138. Gala

    I vote for “C”!

  139. Cassondra

    \E\ is Exceptionally Joyful!!!!! Very Very Creative!

  140. Toni

    D for me! Precious.

  141. Paula

    “D” is delicious!!!!

  142. Jerry Bradley

    Wow… c…..”Joy is wondering what they are thinking about.”

  143. Tonya

    D’s a winner!

  144. Christy

    has to be Ces

  145. Glenn

    I vote D.

  146. Andrea Hogland

    I vote D!

  147. Susan

    Photo C is absolutely darling!

  148. dsuetucker

    D is great!!! It gets my vote

  149. Karin

    Darling pics! I love C!!

  150. Janet

    D is precious

  151. rosburn

    D..soooo sweet!

  152. chullet

    D…. fo sho!

  153. Love it!! Always having a friend to love and have fun with is joy :o)

  154. matthew

    A is awesome.

  155. RR

    E is the only option!!!!

  156. Elizabeth

    A is my favorite!

  157. Heide

    C captured essence of beautiful and joyful thought

  158. David


  159. Carl

    I like A

  160. Julianne

    I love C!

  161. Ali

    C! This photo makes me smile! What a precious little girl!


    I LOVE D!!

  163. Shan

    C is so cute!!

  164. Amy

    Definitely D!

  165. NEL

    I vote for D, too cute!!

  166. Bets

    Definately D!!

  167. Jo Ann

    C is my choice!

  168. Jan

    C is a beauty

  169. Lizz

    C is precious. Bet she looks just like her mother?

  170. Lizz

    C She is precious..I bet she looks just like her mother?

  171. Mila Stevens

    I vote for C! “Joy is wondering what they are thinking about” is just adorable!

  172. Jennifer

    C- Absolutely!

  173. Teresa


  174. Mandy

    I love \C\ you really wonder what they are thinking.
    She is so cute and happy.

  175. Mandy

    I love C She is so cute and you really wonder what the are thinking

  176. Mandy

    I love C she is so cute

  177. Betty

    C – She is beautiful!

  178. Elizabeth

    D!! So sweet!!

  179. Colette

    C – So cute

  180. Glen

    D-Beautiful “Brother/Sister” Pic.

  181. Michelle S.

    Love finalist C, just toooo cute!

  182. Tim P.

    C!C!C! She does look so joyful!

  183. Jenny

    Love C!

  184. Staci

    D is soo adorable!

  185. Pamela

    Finalist C!!!! is so cute!

  186. Shon

    E!!!! i Love it

  187. Hill

    E gets my vote. such a great candid capture

  188. Mike

    Vote for C

  189. Kelly

    contestant c

  190. Jeanine Lomax

    Photo entry D!

  191. Stephen

    D for sure!!

  192. Hayleigh


  193. Mary

    Vote for C. That’s a great photo and a cute model

  194. Sara


  195. donna

    D says joy to me

  196. fred

    I like D

  197. Shelby

    Finalist E

  198. Shelby


  199. Jane A.

    “C” is just too precious!

  200. Tyler K

    E. All. Day. Long.

  201. Jane A.

    Lovely contest

  202. Ann N.

    C- gets my vote

  203. Megan

    E! E! E!

  204. e-rock


  205. Karen

    A is so cute!

  206. JTSKI

    C would be my choice – all the photos are wonderful, but the “wondering” this child’s expression inspires and provides an endless source of joy for the viewer. Her face is full of spirit and she gives the gift of enjoying it to anyone who sees it!!

  207. JTSKI

    IS an endless source the above comment should read…

  208. Vicky

    D beautiful and sweet!

  209. Martha

    Definitely D!!!

  210. Lauren


  211. Linda P

    C for sure! She is adorable!

  212. Rachel

    D is too cute!

  213. Talia

    My vote is for Finalist E!!!

    E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E

  214. John R

    ‘C’ for certian

  215. Karen D

    My vote is for D, all the way.

  216. Liz

    ‘C’ has stolen my heart & won my vote!

  217. Sticks

    C for sure!

  218. Linda

    C is so cute

  219. EMC

    The captured moment in C is wonderful–what a great photographer!

  220. Janet W

    “C” gets my vote! Beautiful child, beautiful photograph.

  221. Jennifer Brady

    Definitely C!!!!

  222. Rachel

    All are lovely but “C” has something extra special. C it is!!

  223. Love A – What is more joyous than smiling happy twinies!

  224. Holly

    A!! Twins are amazing : )

  225. kiersten

    finalist c is my winner, that is a pure joy smile!

  226. Mom


  227. Penny

    D is adorable!

  228. I love C I wonder what she is thinking as well…. Beautiful

  229. Tom Briggs

    Picture C is my favorite cutie! What could she be thinking about???

  230. Tom Briggs

    Picture C is my favorite! What a cutie!

  231. selene

    C it is

  232. christine

    C is so darn cute – I LOVE it!!!!!

  233. JMarg

    I choose C!

  234. Janie

    C a doll!

  235. Tatiana Frey

    E! Too cute!!!

  236. Tatiana Frey


  237. Dianna


  238. RR

    the kids are all cute, but the puppy is by far the BEST picture!! vote for E all the way

  239. Mel

    Has to be E!

  240. Elizabeth B

    C Sooooooooo Cute

  241. Cammie

    I vote for D

  242. Coleene Osburn

    This picture is very sweet.

  243. Coleene Osburn

    I vote for D

  244. Bob

    I Vote for C!!!

  245. Jay

    Contestant C……..she is Adorable!!!

  246. Kris

    My Vote is for Photo C…..AMAZING!!!!

  247. Krystal

    Wow C is Beautiful!!……C gets my vote.

  248. Leanne

    C is Gorgeous, What a Great Photoraph!!

  249. Stacey

    C She is precious!

  250. cali

    E is the best!

  251. Glenda

    Sweet daydreaming (about Christmas)

  252. Alicia

    C-C-C-C, no doubt!

  253. Lee

    Geeze, C is precious!!

  254. Ally

    Joy definitely IS wondering what they are thinking about–C

  255. Jessica

    C is my favorite!

  256. Laurie

    C is the sweetest!

  257. Cora Lea Gaither

    I think C is adorable. Such a cute face

  258. Zachary

    I want to marry C! C is my favorite!

  259. Paul

    I think C is beautiful

  260. Linda

    C is definitely someone special

  261. Maxine

    I love C’s smile

  262. Rebekah

    No question about it! C gets my vote!

  263. Rebekah

    C gets my vote! Adorable!

  264. Shannon

    C is beautiful!!

  265. Erin

    I like C best

  266. Cristina

    C for sure!

  267. Carol


  268. Don


  269. Kate Briggs

    E all the way – love those boots

  270. Angela

    C!! Gorgeous

  271. Paty

    C … She is so cute….

  272. NANC


  273. Paty Pereira

    C C C

  274. Terry G

    E aaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllll the way baby!!!

  275. Justin G

    E gets my vote!

  276. Justin G

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE There’s nothing more joyful than man’s (or lady’s) best friend!

  277. Melissa

    “A” no doubt

  278. Becky

    D is the cutest EVER!!!

  279. Lora

    E! but I also love B 🙂

  280. Angela

    E for me!!

  281. Carmen

    When they are smiling you never know what they are thinking!

  282. Rockyl2

    c-smiling children are so adorable

  283. C adorable!

  284. gabriele

    C is definitely the one.

  285. ty

    c is the one

  286. Joanna


  287. Bill


  288. Scott S.

    I like ‘C’ the best!

  289. Megan

    “C” is the sweetest!!!!!!

  290. Paula

    I vote for D…such joyful little faces!

  291. Mike

    I think C is by far the best!

  292. Paula

    I vote for D….such joyous little faces!

  293. Vicki

    I vote for D such cute joyful kids!

  294. Vicki

    I vote for D they are sooooo cute!

  295. Matha

    I am definitely voting for D!

  296. Emily

    I’m voting for D! Love ’em!

  297. Robert

    D all the way!

  298. D

    My vote is E

  299. Melba

    My vote is for D

  300. Susan

    C is my vote

  301. Ale

    By far most creative…..E !!!!

  302. Cayla

    Love EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

  303. Shawnalyn

    Love E.

  304. Leanne


  305. Lisa

    D !!!

  306. Alisa

    D is the Best!

  307. Derek

    D!!!!!!!! They are so cute

  308. Emily


  309. Pamela Pereira

    My vote is for C. Gorgeous

  310. Sted


  311. delpha

    I vote for D

  312. Friend

    E is the best 🙂

  313. Monica

    B! B! The best! what a Joy!!!!