Happy, Happy Birthday Card Challenge: No. 4

As I write this, I am imagining the many items squashed-stuffed-and-stashed in my too small closet that would fit perfectly in today’s winning design. Without naming names, I will confess to having received an Extra, Extra, Extra Large fleece with a corporate logo, a wonderfully soft but hard-to-match maroon boa, and several pairs of super-thick, furry, argyle socks with fake crystals glued onto the ankles (please keep in mind that I reside in SF, a decidedly socks-optional kind of place). We all have received one or many of these kinds of presents, which makes Many Happy Returns, the 4th Place winner of $100, totally amazing. Congratulations to Leslie of Unless Someone Like You! You know EXACTLY how we feel.

An Unless Someone Like You design can be spotted from a mile away. Leslie has a knack for creating light-hearted, cheeky, and slightly retro-feeling illustrations that are as evocative as they are fun (check out her stationery design Elliott! or her wedding invitation Destination for example). Her latest winner, Many Happy Returns, is no exception. It strikes a tone of familiarity and adds a sassy twist to make you laugh. Rather than roll your eyes at the gifts and the givers, this design is so good because it joins the giver and recipient in a joke with a wink and a smile.

Find more of Katherine on her blog.

  1. stacey day

    yay, leslie! awesome design. congrats!

  2. Jessica

    Yay!!! this was my pick for #1 🙂

  3. alston

    love this card. ray’s emporium makes me laugh every time i see it. congratulations!

  4. Amy E

    Another favorite… Congrats Leslie!

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  6. agentlemenstouch

    when it comes to sock crystals, they should be real or not at all

  7. brandy

    Wonderful illustrations!

  8. robert

    okay, i was way too caught up in work to even enter this challenge, let alone see the entires. so please forgive me for being late and not even knowing that this gem existed. this has to be one of the coolest designs i’ve seen in a minted contest. if you haven’t done so already leslie, i hope you do something up one day for a magazine article or layout. you illustrations are super cool and so much fun! i might just have to buy this just for an art print 🙂