Cheers to women entrepreneurs everywhere!

Our very own CEO and founder Mariam Naficy has been honored as a 2010 Women’s Initiative Woman Entrepreneur of the Year! We are thrilled to congratulate her, along with the many other extremely talented women she’s been recognized alongside.

Here at Minted, we just could not agree more with the Woman Entrepreneur’s mission to help low-income women to start their own businesses and become self sufficient. We work very hard to empower and enable our female designers especially to reach their full potential. Way to go Mariam and all of the other fantastic women nominated! We hope you’re all doing something fun to celebrate this weekend.

Find more of Natasha on her blog.

  1. Yolanda

    WOW, Congratulations Mariam! You had my vote… a well deserved achievement! BRAVO!

  2. Sandra Pons

    What an honor and well deserved!

  3. Maria Estigoy

    Snaps for Mariam. Congrats, lady!

  4. Amy E

    Cheers for Mariam!!!

  5. Mariam

    Now I get to thank you for your votes! Really appreciate the support.

  6. Sydney

    So proud!! Your reputation goes a long way for each of us as designers. Thank you for being such a wonderful leader and supporter.

  7. jessica

    such a great accomplishment! congrats Mariam!