Minted Meet Up: Atlanta

We had a lot of fun at the Atlanta Mintie Meet Up! It was a wickedly hot summer evening,  and the restaurant we decided to gather at was actually hosting a giant tomato festival, so we camped out in a little table area out front.

From left: Natasha Millbury of Push Papers (who is due in November!), Kelli Hall, and Angela Vellino attended.

Kelli and I had actually met up before in Charleston, before her move to Atlanta. Here she is holding up her beautiful Frosted Poppy 2010 holiday card. I really love how she combined pink and light blue here–it’s such a fresh take on the traditional colors. I also think it would be so fun for a young couple to choose!

Of course, every sample was opened up and examined–girls that love paper just can’t resist seeing every last piece!

Everyone still can’t get enough of our Design Lotus tees! And we had some nice, little personal stationery samples as well. We talked a lot about fun ideas for upcoming design challenges… one of which you will see very soon that involves, small hint here: small, little, adorable books. Think you can guess what that might be?! We also talked about ideas for prizes and some of the custom work they’ve been doing for their wedding clients…

Once the festival had died down, we took refuge indoors from the heat–Hotlanta is an apt description!

When Kelli and I met up earlier this spring, I passed along some recommendations for her big anniversary trip to Italy. She so thoughtfully brought along her photo book of their trip, which is as well designed and beautiful as everything Kelli touches. I was so excited to see that she and her husband had visited many of my favorite spots from my honeymoon. We both agree that Ravello is a must see before you die! The cliffs, the towns built into the mountains, the ocean, the clouds… it’s magical. Imagine the stationery you could design from that perch!

Ladies, a million thanks for sharing part of your weekend with me. It was an absolute pleasure and I can’t wait to do it again soon!

Find more of Natasha on her blog.

  1. Karen Glenn

    Glad you all had such a nice time!

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