2010 Holiday Spectacular: No. 1

Wow, I’m actually sorta nervous while writing this (and shielding my computer so others at Minted don’t see this), but we’ve finally come to the last episode of the Minted 2010 Holiday Design Challenge.  In the toughest competitive field we’ve ever had, over 1370 holiday card design entries, we are pleased to announce that our #1 winner as selected by the community, is…..(drumroll)

…. Annie Clark’s “Bright”, a design that perfectly captures the spirit, hope, and warmth of the holiday season. In case you don’t know Annie, she started entering design challenges as a Minted back in 2008, and after giving me an earful regarding how I should improve the design challenges, we got to know each other and she joined Minted in 2009.  Annie is highly regarded among her fellow Minties for her strong command of typography, incredible use of color, and for always remembering the idea behind the product.  We congratulate her on her never-ending quest for perfection, and her ability to prevail in a completely community-led decision.

Now, as many of our community know, Minted employees can earn glory and can win a place in our assortment, but are not eligible for cash prizes.  We do this in order to promote trust within our community.  Which means that by tradition, our $5,000 top prize award will now be awarded to the 2nd place winner, Sydney Newsom.  Our 2nd prize of $1,000 will be awarded to our 3rd place winner, Oscar + Emma, and our 3rd prize award of $500 will be awarded to our 4th place winner, Stacey Day.  Congratulations to all! You can view these designers and the others who made it into the top 10 on our winners page.

We have been blown away by your creativity in this challenge, and we excitedly look forward to offering all your beautiful designs this holiday season.  Editor’s Picks from the 2010 Holiday Challenge will be announced at the end of August.

  1. Maria Estigoy

    This truly captures the holiday. Congrats Annie! You never cease to amaze me with your talent.

  2. stacey day

    CONGRATS, annie! this is such a happy design, and you are so deserving of first prize!

  3. Hailey M

    Congrats Annie!! This is such a great, inspired design – so deserving of first place! Enjoy!!

  4. Karen Glenn

    Huge congrats, Annie! Beautiful work, as usual!

  5. Amy E

    Annie, can you make some kool-aid for me to drink? =D

  6. Annie ROCKS!!! Huge Congrats!!!

  7. Sydney

    This is bittersweet. I’m thinking that Annie needs an EXTRA BIG bonus this year! Annie, this design is so awesome. Red and turquoise are my favorite color combination. It really does make your spirit bright! I owe you one. XOXO

  8. Yolanda Mariak Chendak

    I think Annie deserves a nice holiday bonus 🙂 Congratulations wonderful design:)

  9. YES! A very well-deserved win, miss A! This design is fantastic…it’s got that je ne sais quois. 🙂

  10. alston

    congratulations, annie! this is such a beautiful and happy design!

  11. Brooke

    Congrats! The typography is stunning. Simple and full of holiday cheer.

  12. BethP

    So awesome! Love this design, Annie. CONGRATS!

  13. annie

    holy moly – totally surprised and honored to be amongst so many wonderful designers and designs! grinning from ear to ear today 😀

  14. Jessica

    congrats – wow!!! it definitely has that special something.

  15. Andrea Snaza

    CONGRATS!! congrats! CONGRATS!!!!!

  16. Congrats Annie! Hope you get that big holiday bonus 😉

  17. Popotople

    I believe the appropriate phrase is holy moly me oh my! Congratulations kid.

  18. Lauren

    Congrats Annie! This was one of my favorites.

  19. Paige

    One of my favorites too! It’s so fun! A big congrats! 🙂

  20. Nam

    Congrats Annie! You are one amazing talented designer.

  21. Meg G.

    hooray for annie! this is so well deserved. your holiday collection was absolutely amazing, but I knew this one was gonna be the winner. 🙂 CONGRATS!!

  22. Carrie ONeal

    Combats Annie!! You’re my design hero!

  23. Carrie ONeal

    Sorry about the “combats” comment!! (never very good at typing on my phone)…hugh CONGRATS!!

  24. you are such a star annie. just brilliant. so well deserved. congrats!!

  25. Erin Welles

    Congrats Annie, always look forward to seeing what you come up with, and you NEVER dissapoint. This deserved the win, you are amazing!