2010 Holiday Spectacular: No. 11

And now for the first repeat winner in the top 25… Stacey Day! Congratulations on Ball of Joy!

I love that this is so bold and graphical! But yet so crisp and simple–being all white text over a full-bleed photo. That ornament is tilted at the perfect angle–it’s almost like the ball has a little skip in its step. The light and heavy text together is just the perfect weight. And I love how the string holding up the ornament appears to be the same line as the ‘love and’ and ‘the.’ I think it will be fun to see how people work their families in and around that line. Stacey, you should be very proud! We salute you.

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  1. Maria Estigoy

    Go get ’em Stacey! Love the type and the ornament.

  2. Yolanda

    Way to go Stacey:)

  3. Meg G.

    yay. beautiful work as usual stacey!!

  4. Amy E

    congrats stacey day!!!

  5. Sandra Pons

    Wonderful design! Congrats Stacey!

  6. Sydney

    Go Alabama!!