2010 Holiday Spectacular: No. 15

Wow guys. We are getting close! So close. We are almost to the top ten!!! But honestly all of these designs are just so good it hardly matters what number you are since it really came down to tenths of tenths of decimal points. So without further ado: No. 15. Peace Love & Hope by The Social Type.

So I can’t help but think that this card is fitting now more than ever. A ridiculously number of years later, we’re still in Iraq and ‘peace’ is still outside our reach. We’re always looking for ‘love’–that’s just the human condition–and certainly the people of Haiti are struggling to keep their ‘hope’ six months post earthquake. Heavy thoughts aside, I think ‘Peace, Love and Hope’ will show up on a lot of holiday cards this year, but probably not in this beautiful of a way. I love how the Type has put together ‘peace’. The white outline is so classy and I love how the letters alternate between red and green. And the ampersand lines up so perfectly below and continues the color alternation. The family’s name in subtle white is completely classy. All of the color elements are used in perfect balance and the white border around ‘peace’ references the white border and holds the whole thing together. Last but not least, I really like the light turquoise background that is closer to green than blue. Congrats Allison & Jessica–this is really, such a wonderful card!

Find more of Natasha on her blog.

  1. The colors are perfect for the message the card is sending out. I love the simple layout.

  2. Hailey M

    Love this card – really class and well done. Love the message too!

  3. Amanda Larsen

    Love love love this design! Great work!

  4. stacey day

    i love this design. simply beautiful. congrats, jessica and allison!

  5. Maria Estigoy

    Congrats Allison and Jessica on being number 15! Love everything about this design.

  6. Karen Glenn

    Fabulous type, Ladies–congrats and well done!

  7. Karly

    Simply perfect! Congrats Allison and Jessica

  8. Anng


  9. annie

    one of my faves, congrats ladies!

  10. Carol

    Oh, I hope there will be a “Yearline” version of this card. It’ll definitely be a contender for our family card this year, if it does. =) Wonderful!

  11. Meg G.

    just beautiful! wonderful job ladies!

  12. Nam

    Love the simplicity and great use of font. Congrats Allison and Jessica!