The Winners of Minted’s Next Top Model Facebook Photo Contest

We invited Minted customers and fans to submit photographs of their families or their clients to be displayed in our 2010 Holiday Card Collection. We were completely blown away by the awesome photos that kept popping up on Facebook–we simply could not believe it! Over 1,300 photos were entered in total.

When these photos combine with the exceptional designs from our 2010 Holiday Card Spectacular, they will truly be something exceptional come this fall. Below you can see one photo from each winner (some photographers and families submitted multiple photos and you can see all of a person’s submissions by browsing our Facebook fan page photo album). You’ll be able to see all of the winning photographs this fall when we launch our 2010 holiday assortment.

Also, if you love these photos and want to know more about one or more of these great photographers, please email us at If one these photos is yours and we have not been in contact with you, please also email us at so that we can help you collect your prize.

The winners chosen below will each receive 100 free flat or fold-over holiday cards (valued at $200), plus a generous Friends and Family discount so that they can share the love with your closest friends. A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to submit. We genuinely appreciate your sharing your beautiful families with us!

Submitted by Stephanie Wynne Hultman, Mandy Birdwell Photography

Submitted by Jon Fellows

Submitted by Erin McGinty Kelly

Submitted by Jeffrey Chulick

Submitted by Colette Reilly Bozek

Submitted by Angie Sanders

Submitted by Julia Sperling

Submitted by Michelle Moffett Ellisor

Submitted by Simone Gutkin

Submitted by Jennifer Sergio

Submitted by Melissa Meade Deakin

Submitted by Rachelle Garza

Image submitted by Alex Benn

Image submitted by Alex Benn

Image submitted by Janny Chan

Alden Lockridge, Submitted by Monchita Davis

Added by Amanda Squire

Submitted by Melissa Vallas

Submitted by Priscilla Harris

Submitted by Chi Chin

Submitted by Christin Gasser Mielke

Submitted by Whitney Wood Harper

Submitted by Angie Jackson

Submitted by Ashley Roberts Riherd

Submitted by Teri L. Myrick

Submitted by Jennifer Kinder

Submitted by Kathleen Riker Irwin

Submitted by Sarah Elizabeth Moske

Submitted by Michelle Piecuch Kesti

Submitted by Kathleen Riker Irwin

Submitted by Deirdre Norman Carr

Submitted by Sadie Holden

Submitted by Jen Van Yperen

Submitted by Heather Lindaman Connell

Submitted by Grace Friese Robbins

Submitted by Tracy Negron

Submitted by Sharlene Garcia

Submitted by Amy Nguyen Ehmann

Submitted by Erin McGinty Kelly

Submitted by Brianne Huumphrey Cunningham

Submitted by Lisa Maksoudian

Submitted by Monica Gomez

Submitted by Kim Wojtasiak Pufahl

Submitted by Christie Brown

Find more of Natasha on her blog.

  1. Great photos! Congrats to all!

  2. Karen Glenn

    Fabulous! Congrats to all the winners!

  3. Maria Estigoy

    Awesome photos! Congrats everyone!

  4. Yuppiiiii!!!! I’m so happy! thanks for the opportunity!

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  6. So excited to be among the winners, both as a mom and a photographer. Thanks so much! Looking forward to seeing my photos showcased in beautiful Minted designs!

    Angie Sanders, Sanders Photography And Design

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  8. Gerrie

    Photos are fabulous. Love them all!!!

  9. rachelle garza

    We are so excited to have our picture chosen as a winner!