2010 Holiday Spectacular: No. 19

Let’s lighten up for the weekend, but without resorting to cheese, with No. 19: Emily Ranneby‘s Joyeux Noel + st. nicholas.

First of all, I love the entire series Ranneby did like this. I think what makes it so great is that it’s actually quite rare that you see minimalism and humor together. I love how the beard is shaped like a doily and I love that she chose to add stripes to it on a diagonal. Also, despite the fact that there really are no eyes on this Santa–you don’t even miss them–maybe they’re hiding behind ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’ which is Santa’s long hair? The point is  that Ranneby does lots of things I would never think of doing, but makes it look like that is just how it’s supposed to be! She also really nailed the color palette. The gray is both warm and yet still cool like you expect from the color gray. The shade of pink is not really pink it’s some sort of shade of beige with pinkish tones. And the reversed out effect = pure sophistication. Finally, the writer in me always loves when the copy matches the design and Ranneby also executes on that perfectly. Have a lovely and amusing weekend ahead!

Find more of Natasha on her blog.

  1. Sharon(crimsonlane)

    Spectacular!!!!! Congrats Emily 🙂

  2. Yolanda Mariak Chendak

    I loved the whole series too, congratulations Emily!

  3. thank you natasha for a very sweet review. i am just thrilled to have placed among so many beautiful designs. what an honor.

  4. Maria Estigoy

    Definitely loved Emily’s series. Glad to see this one in the countdown. Another one of my faves. Congrats Emily!!!!

  5. Congrats Emily! The entire series you did was pure genius! I LOVE THEM ALL!

  6. Nam

    Emily, amazing work on your whole holiday photocard series. A clever thought through design process!

  7. Meg G.

    i too loved this series. I’m so glad to see at least one made it in!! Congratulations Emily!!

  8. Hailey M

    Hooray Emily!! Really brilliant series – I love your style. This one was definitely a fav!!

  9. Amanda Larsen

    Congrats, Emily! This is perfection!

  10. emily

    I’m thrilled to see this design (or any of Emily Ranneby’s designs) as a winner… no doubt we’ll be seeing more of her designs later on in the countdown!

    *side note :: can we please adjust the formatting of the images here on the blog… they’re about 90% horizontal at the moment, and it’s especially obvious on this particular design where Santa’s nose + beard were intended to be perfectly circular. Thanks!

  11. Laura

    One of my favorites as well- and add me to the list that loved the whole series 🙂 Congrats Emily!

  12. annie

    my fave of the series! congrats miss emily!