Inspiration Boards: Sundance Wildflowers

On this nice summer day, let’s take a little break from the countdown to enjoy J. Bartyn‘s Sundance Wildflowers Wedding Invitation.
Clockwise from upper left: Cake, Shoes, Bridesmaid, Pellegrino, Flowers, Bride & Groom

Isn’t there something just so perfectly appealing about getting married in a huge field? Doesn’t it seem to just make sense that you’d want all that open space around you as you take that leap of faith? I’ve always loved the idea of a long, farmhouse table in the field with dozens of people seating at benches alongside it. And I think the flowers, the Pellegrino, the little veil, that perfect light that comes only at dusk… it all just goes so well with the watercolor flowers. Simply dreamy.

Find more of Natasha on her blog.

  1. brandy


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  3. Maria Estigoy

    soo pretty!

  4. Karen Glenn

    Very beautiful!

  5. Amy E.

    Lovely work!

  6. Meg G.

    wow. love this!!! limonata is a delightful addition to this inspiration board.

  7. Sydney